Streamline Office Organization & Productivity with Certified Mail Labelsstream•line /verb/ to make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

What professional would not like to implement the above definition in their workplace? An organized office will encourage a productive environment. Regardless of what position an employee holds, research shows that vitality and learning aid employees to thrive.

An organized and productive workplace is a successful one. Especially when procedures are in place to streamline efficiency. Ultimately, streamlining systems promotes profit.

Strong time management, effective problem solving, and quick decision making are just a few of the skills that aid employees in organized and productive work. Aside from an employee’s performance, here are a number of factors within the office that can streamline success.

Here’s 12 ways to streamline your office organization and productivity with Certified Mail Labels.

1. Skip the Trip to the Post Office. Last year, the United States Postal Service (USPS) had nearly 700 million customer visits. Why waste time standing in line like millions of other people, waiting to be served?

Instead, skip the trip to your local Post Office all together! Send USPS Certified Mail with real United States Postal postage online with Certified Mail Labels.

2. Save Time and Money. Certified Mail Labels is the best way to save your business time and money. For each Certified Mail® green card receipt sent with Certified Mail Labels, customers save $3.15 on postage alone. Companies also save money on mileage reimbursement for staff time traveling to USPS.

With no special software or equipment needed, there's no investment to get started. As well as, no contracts. Just log on, address, print your labels, and mail!

3. Work Smarter, Not Harder with Batch Labels. Increase productivity levels with batch label creation. This efficient solution allows users to quickly and easily create all their labels at once.

Our Excel template serves as a guide for address entry. When complete, just upload your Excel sheet and we will generate all your labels at once.

4. Opt for Full-Service Solution. Remove even more overhead by allowing us to handle your printing and mailing. Upload your PDF letter files for same-business-day printing and mailing.

Not only will you save on printing equipment, servicing fees, and supply costs, but consider the staff time it takes to send Certified Mail. First, they must organize and print all the necessary documents. Then, pack the envelopes, drive to the Post Office, wait in line, purchase the postage, mail the materials, and drive back to the office.

The opportunity cost alone is enough validation for a full-service solution. The email responses, contacts nurtured, and productivity one can accomplish in the time it takes to print and mail in-house weighs heavy on the bottom line.

5. Automations. Certified Mail Labels offers automation through Secure File Transfer Protocol systems (SFTP). Once set up, easily drop your data for automatic processing to promote productivity growth.

SFTP automations are a great solution for property managers, government agencies, repossession companies, and storage facilities- just to name a few.  

6. Compliance Reporting and Tracking. Certified Mail Labels offer users 24/7 access to reports. Conveniently monitor your compliance letter delivery process from anywhere.

There is no longer a need to keep up with a tracking codes or mail receipts. Just log in for USPS tracking information updated hourly.

7. Address Verification. The Certified Mail Labels system has address verification in place to aid in eliminating delivery issues. When creating a label, we check the entered delivery address against the United States Postal Service's database.

If the address does not match the database, we flag the entry for your review. For example, if the city does not match the respective ZIP code, we will notify you. This is helpful in proactively eliminating any delivery issues caused by insufficient address.

8. 10-Year Data Archive. Using bank-grade encryption, our 10-year data archives is a secure location for organizing files and accessing reports. We securely store all your compliance data for 10 years at no additional cost!

We store proof of mailing, letter tracking, and delivery confirmations (proof of delivery) for each compliance letter mailed for convenient reference.

9. Multiple Users for Efficient Workflow. A Certified Mail Label's account can have multiple users. This is especially helpful for remote teams and cross department workflows. Especially teams with staggered hours worked.

All users pull from the same postage/processing account balance and all USPS tracking data will be combined. Account Admins can set rights and limit access to certain areas of the account.

Learn more about adding and removing a user.

10. Ensure Quality and Avoid Industry Issues. Every wise business professional knows, there is strength in numbers. As the industry leader in online Certified Mail, Certified Mail Labels processes millions of transactions each year. This volume allows us to offer customers with quality envelopes at a lower cost per unit.

The recent paper shortage affected many businesses across all industries. However, our position in the market allowed us to continue offering customers heavier grade (28lb. paper), machinable envelopes despite the shortage.

Learn more about why quality envelopes matter when mailing.

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