i really love this certified mail its so easy and i don't have to leave home i wont use anything else to send certified mail

Clifford Grumadas

I absolutely like this, so easy to use. I am grateful that I found this website with Friendly staff members and customer service

Clifford Grumadas

This message is in reference to your customer support person helping by giving me clarity and guiding me to the mail options. Thanks for your time & support. Very Helpful. Excited to receive my package in the mail. Take Care! Tommy


I found this service when researching whether to mail registered or certified. Free service (except for what you pay for with the postage) and VERY accommodating staff. I will use this service again.

Bonnie Ecker

The Customer Support team was patient in helping me regain access to my company account. Your support team stayed on the phone until my password was reset, and help me change my password less than 5 minutes. I recommend any customer to work with both employees. Thanks Team!

Stumbaugh Associates

I hadn't fully committed to the service because I'm so distrustful of online services. However, a customer service rep. called me and very kindly walked me through the entire process. It was SO helpful and I really appreciate it. I'm disabled and have a hard time making it to the post office, so this was wonderful!

Jessica Zuppo

I was looking for another option to handwriting Certified Mail Labels and came across Certifiedmaillabels.com. I immediately signed up for an account. To my surprise, someone from the company reached out to me within 24 hours to personally thank me for creating an account and to see if I had any questions. I appreciate the personal touch the company gives. The insignificant cost they charge is well worth my time and effort of having to handwrite labels and drive to the post office.

Michelle Stefanik

I love the convenience of the service, they made a curtesy call after I signed up, and let me know to reach out when I need help. The labels are easy to create, and you can follow the process of tracking. Love the well-organized dashboard. Thank you Certifiedmaillabels :)

Michaela R Stubbs

Simple, practical, necessary, user friendly

Aleksander Pervaza

Wonderful customer service!!! Absolute perfection!!! I highly recommend CertfiedMailLabels.com for ALL certified mailing needs. Much easier than the old way of doing certified mail! Plus the best people to work with!! Thank you all so much!! Much appreciated and very grateful for CertifiedMailLabels.com.