Creating Excel Batch Labels                       

Instructions for Creating Multiple Labels at Once:

1.  Have your Excel Spreadsheet ready with your list of delivery addresses.

  • Click HERE for a sample template.
  • Required template fields include Name, Address Line 1, City, State, Zip.

2.  On the red navigation bar, select → Address Letters → Excel Batch Label Processing.  

3.  STEP 1 – Select Your Options 
  • Complete all required fields (marked with a red asterisk).
  • Select your USPS Delivery Service, Envelope Type/Weight, and Label Image Type.
  • Review the other drop-down and checkbox options that are available.
  • Under Address List File, click "Choose File" and select the spreadsheet you would like to upload.
  • Click the blue Next button in the bottom right corner.

4.  STEP 2 – Map your Data

  • Click the blue Map Data Records button in the bottom right corner.
5.  STEP 3 – Validate & Fix Your Data
  • Review each line in the table to ensure that the data is correct.
  • Review the Total Batch Cost (in red) for accuracy.
  • If any boxes are highlighted in red, click in the box to adjust the information. Then click the Enter key to save.
6.  Click the blue Process Batch button in the bottom right corner.

For additional assistance, please click on the reference guide links below or call us at 800.406.1792.

Sample Excel File
Creating Batch Labels - Reference Guide