Return Receipt Electronic USPS Certified MailReturn Receipt Electronic is a product of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and is used to provide proof of USPS Certified Mail® letter delivery. When the Certified Mail® letter is delivered, USPS creates a PDF file that can be emailed to you hours after delivery. A copy of this report is also stored inside your Certified Mail Labels account for 10 years.

Certified Mail Labels makes reporting fast and easy with Google-like, keyword search capabilities. Quickly access and print reports on demand, 24/7/365. Each report contains the USPS Certified Mail® tracking number, name, delivery address, signature, and the date and time of delivery. Download and print individual delivery reports as needed. Download your entire mail batch or quickly archive your entire year for compliance and regulatory safekeeping.

Return Receipt Electronic is used to replace the old fashioned green cards and peel and stick labels that make Certified Mail difficult to administer and manage. The cost of the Return Receipt Electronic Signature PDF is $2.32.

Save time, money and never lose a green card with Return Receipt Electronic Signatures.