Certified Mail Labels | Higher Paper Costs Impact Certified MailIn these days of high inflation and a decentralized workforce, cheapening quality has become the norm for too many businesses. The pandemic has affected everything from labor to production to the global supply chain, driving the costs of goods and services higher and higher.

Many of us can all recall the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. The pulp industry and paper mills came to a halt as employees fell to illness all while the demand for toilet tissue skyrocketed. Now, two years later, we are still feeling the effects. The scope includes all paper goods, from cardboard boxes to printed books to mailing envelopes.

As simple economics tells us, when slow production meets increasing demand, industries experience shortages. Unfortunately, the paper industry (i.e. shipping materials) has been no exception.

In an effort to keep up with demand, lower-quality products are being mass-produced and because of the paper shortage, the cost of items has drastically increased.

Poor-Quality Products Cost You Time and Money

To ensure paper stock is available, many mail houses and supply companies have begun selling low-quality paper products, specifically envelopes, to their customers.

The problem is that many lower-grade paper products are not machinable. The poor-quality envelopes or paper causes frequent paper jams in the machine feed of the printer or folder. Resulting in a lengthy fix time by an employee. In the process, productivity suffers hindering efficiency.

What’s not considered when there is a drop in material quality is that there will be an increase in staff labor and work time. Ultimately, this costs companies more time and labor it takes to service the machines and fix the errors.

The detriment of low-quality materials in an industry so heavily automated by machinery is costly. Especially when you consider that print materials are run through high-speed sorters and feeders when processed by at the Post Office. Thus, exemplifying the importance of using quality paper weight and durable envelopes.

The Standard of Certified Mail Labels

Certified Mail Labels refuses to compromise on quality as we know so many of our customers value our machinable Certified Mail envelopes and printing supplies.

Regardless of the paper shortage, we continue to supply customers with heavier grade paper (28lb.) envelopes than others in the industry. A difference in paper weight is a difference in quality and our envelopes are sturdy and effective.

We are proud to have avoided any cost transfer to our customers during these unprecedented times. We pride ourselves on only selling our customers quality materials that provide helpful solutions rather than adding inconvenience.

Certified Mail Solutions During the Paper Shortage

Here are a few tips to consider when prioritizing quality and efficiency:

  1. Use our full-service print and mailing option. Take the guesswork out of the equation and let Certified Mail Labels handle both printing and mailing for you. Get a print and mail estimate here.
  2. Stand out with a larger envelope. Our #10 envelopes are limited due to the paper shortage. Instead, try out 6X9 envelopes. Not only do they hold more pages, but they stand out as they are a bit larger than normal mail pieces. Make your letter hard for the receiver to miss when checking their mail stack by trying our 6X9 envelopes.
  3. Don’t compromise quality. We are stocking our popular #10 envelopes as quickly as possible. It pays to be patient!

More About Certified Mail Labels

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