Certified Mail Labels Electronic Delivery Confirmation(TM) is a receipt that provides evidence of mailing and proof of USPS Certified Mail letter delivery.  The PDF report can be printed or sent by email for up to 10 years. The receipt shows the following information:
  1. Your return address.  In the event this letter is not delivered the letter will be returned to this address.
  2. USPS Electronic Postmark provides each Certified Mail letter evidence of the mail date.
  3. The USPS Certified Mail number begins with 94 and is a 22 digit tracking number that is unique for your mailing. This number is used to link your letter and the USPS Certified Mail label with your data and can also be used on usps.com or our internal tracking and reporting system.
  4. Delivery Address this is the street or PO Box delivery address used on your Certified Mail Label.
  5. Label Reference allows custom reference information such as client project numbers, billing codes and other unique in-house data points that you desire to link to the certified letter. Your reference information can contain up to 256 characters separated by a comma for long-tail search and reporting.
  6. Proof of Mailing – Electronic Origin Acceptance date and time scan.   USPS Tracking data updates hourly and the detailed delivery activity from USPS is reflected in the Electronic Delivery Confirmation report. Tracking begins when you create a Certified Mail Label. The tracking data is activated within USPS to provide evidence of mailing beginning with the Origin Acceptance scan that provides a date and time scan as proof your item was accepted into the United States Postal Service letter stream.
  7.  Delivered is the final USPS tracking scan that provided proof of delivery.  The information is reported in the detailed event information that includes the delivered date and time information from the local Post Office. USPS is required to collect a Signature for each letter delivered. The Return Receipt Electronic Signature PDF can be purchased at the time of mailing.
This report is automatically generated and emailed for each Certified Mail Label when it is delivered. To modify the settings, log into www.CertifiedMailLabels.com. On the red navigation bar, click Management, Administration, and Mailing Profile. Then you can add, edit or remove the email address for the Delivery Confirmation email and click next to save and exit.