What is Certified Mail® and How Does Certified Mail Labels Work?

Certified Mail provides the mailer with 'proof' which includes the date an item was mailed, letter tracking, and delivery confirmation.  Certified Mail requires a signature upon delivery to provide proof the item was delivered. Certified Mail is used primarily for important legal and compliance mail, regulatory, and notice to owners' mailings. 

What is a Certified Mail Label?  We call it a ‘label’ but it is a plain sheet of paper that prints on your color printer.  It is designed to be folded then glued onto the outside of your envelope.  Or, you may purchase our approved USPS Certified Mail Envelopes and print on just a black ink laser printer for automated mailings.  Nothing to glue, tape or affix.  This envelope contains the green USPS Certified Mail banner and large cellophane window so that USPS barcode readers can easily sort and process the Certified Mail as an automated transaction for expedited delivery.

Step 1 Create a New Account:  Create an account by using the Sign-Up For Free Registration page. It costs nothing to create an account.  No monthly fees or contracts.  You simply register by using your name, address, phone number, email and then create a password for your account.

Step 2  Set-Up Payment Account:  Each Certified Mail label uses real USPS Postage and the actual Certified Mail tracking numbers and barcodes.  You can pay for the postage label after you select the postage weight and USPS delivery services you want.  We accept all major banks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMX, Discover), paper checks, eChecks, and bank wires.  You can also set up Auto Invoicing to replenish your postage account.  Every time a label is purchased it deducts that cost from your online account balance.  New customers needing to purchase more than $25 in postage daily should verify their accounts.  This verification is done on the phone and takes about 3 minutes. It helps protect your Credit Card and will allow you to add $100, $250, $500 or more into your account.

To verify your account and Credit Card call us during business hours Mon - Fri  9 AM – 6 PM Eastern
 Phone 800-406-1792 ask for Account Verification.

Step 3  Print the Step by Step Instructions:  Follow our quick start step-by-step instructions on our Getting Started Instructions 

In seconds you can print USPS Certified Mail, Return Receipt Electronic, Restricted Delivery even Priority Mail labels online with USPS PC Postage and skip the trip to the Post Office!

You can also track the delivery of each of your USPS items.  Our Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report ™ can be sent to your email.  We also keep the proof of delivery, tracking files and Return Receipt Signatures stored safely inside your online account for 10 years.  You will never misplace your mailing receipts again.  FTP access is available for commercial and high-volume mailers.

•   No more trips to the Post Office, green cards, forms, labels or stickers!
•   No postage meter costs, no new equipment, no software to download and install
•   No lease or long-term contracts
•   No monthly fees… just pay as you mail
•   Address letters online, get  USPS Address Correction to expedite each letter’s delivery
•   Get proof of mailing, daily letter tracking and delivery confirmation by email
•   10-year off-site data storage keeps all your data secure and easy to locate
•   Prints labels with the correct USPS Postage
•   Multi-user system allows for unlimited users
•   Multi-office, department or company use
•   All you need to do is drop your letter in any USPS mailbox  24/7  –  365 days a year.

Save $2.35 with Certified Mail Labels

Skip the trip to the Post Office, print Certified Mail labels online, and save time and money!