As the Administrator (usually the person who created the account) you can add sub-users. This allows you to grant access and set privileges for other users in your office. All users will pull from the same postage/processing account balance and all USPS tracking data will be combined, but you can set rights/limit access to certain areas in your account. For example, you may not want all users to be able to ‘Manage Money’.  You can also disable a user if someone leaves your company or you no longer want them to have access to the account.  

1.  Go to Management on the red navigation bar and click on Add/Edit Users.

2.  To add a New User, click Add User in the upper right corner. 

3.  Populate the required fields (*)

4.  Assign rights: Check the boxes to give your user(s) rights to: Manage Money, Manage Mail Profiles, Edit Users, or Postage Refunds. If you don’t want the user to have rights to perform those tasks leave the boxes unchecked.  This is also the area you would "Disable" a user if you wanted the user to no longer have access to the account. 

5. Save Changes

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