PRINT CERTIFIED MAIL LABEL ONLINE           Certified Mail Labels

1.  On the red navigation bar, click → Address Letters → Single Label Creation.  

2.  Follow the 3 Step Process:

  • STEP 1 – Return Address: Will default to your Mail Profile. Edit if needed.
  • STEP 2 – Delivery Address: Fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk. (*)
  • STEP 3 – Mail Options: Choose delivery services, envelope type and weight.

3.  Preview your Label.

  • Click the blue Preview button and verify the information is correct.

4.  Print your Label.

  • Click the blue Purchase and Print button.
  • Print your label on plain paper.
  • Fold and insert the label into the Certified Mail® window envelope. Insert your documents behind the address label, seal the envelope and drop it into any USPS Mail receptacle or give it to your letter carrier.


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