8 Reasons Why You Should Use Certified Mail Labels

We've all sent a letter or a package, only for it to never arrive.

Unfortunately, with late and missing USPS deliveries up 50% in recent years, there's no guarantee your post will arrive on time - or at all.

But there's a way to avoid all that by using Certified Mail to avoid the risk of late or lost post.

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Here are 8 reasons why you should consider using Certified Mail Labels for your mail.

Receive Proof of Postage

When you send a letter or package by Certified Mail, you'll be required to fill out a Certified Mail form which gives you proof of postage for your item.

This form gives you peace of mind, knowing that your item can be tracked from sender to recipient at every stage. No disputes, and no hassle, especially if you're sending something important.

If you're filing critical documents like your tax return to the IRS, using Certified Mail is the only way you can be completely sure that your document gets there. That's why tax agents recommend Certified Mail for your tax returns.

Ensure Delivery

One of the major benefits of Certified Mail is the fact that you can ensure delivery for your package or letter. With regular mail easily lost by the USPS, you won't be able to feel confident in the delivery process unless you can receive notice of delivery.

Certified Mail provides that by ensuring delivery to your recipient and allowing you to know the time and date it was received, as the recipient will be required to sign for the item.

Stands out Against Other Mail

Do you need your mail to 'stand out' against bills or junk mailing? Certified Mail can do that.

It's a professional and urgent delivery service, and Certified Mail Labels will grab the attention of your recipients. They're not likely to be ignored, especially as the recipient is required to sign for it.

Businesses will especially benefit from Certified Mail, as any certified mail items will demonstrate the professionalism of your company by paying extra to ensure items arrive as they should.

Track Your Mail

When you send your item by Certified Mail, you'll be able to track it. The Certified Mail form you fill in will include a tracking number that allows you to follow your item during the delivery process.

This means that you can know exactly where an item is and when it's delivered. You won't need to be left wondering if an item is going to arrive on time, or whether the recipient has received it.

Delivery to a P.O. Box

Certified Mail will require a signature from the recipient when it's being delivered. You might think that this means you can't send items via Certified Mail to post-office boxes.

Thankfully, you can, and the process for the sender is no different than for any other type of Certified Mail.

For the recipient, they won't receive the Certified Mail straight away. A delivery notice, first placed into the P.O. box by a mail worker, is then given to a USPS postal worker by the recipient. Once the recipient has signed for the item, they're free to take it.

Record Keeping

The USPS will keep records of Certified Mail for a ten year period, as long as you keep the tracking information. This means that if you ever need to dispute or confirm a delivery at a much later date, you can remain confident that you can use these records.

One example of this could be during an IRS audit. If they dispute receipt of a filing, you can confirm with the relevant tracking information from the USPS.

This is especially useful if you're mailing many documents or packages. The USPS will take care of the record keeping, as long as you maintain the tracking numbers to recall the information.

Online Certified Label Printing

Is traveling to a Post Office a little inconvenient for you, or do you have a large number of Certified Mail packages to process? Rather than taking up your time at a Post Office desk, you can take away the hassle by printing your certified labels from your home or office. Create USPS shipping labels online from your home or office.

The labels are exactly the same as any you might receive at the Post Office. You won't be able to do this via the USPS website, but third-party label providers like us are able to offer the service for you.

Find out how to start printing labels from our helpful guide on the Certified Mail process.

Accuracy and Security

Businesses need to have the confidence that when they send items, they'll be delivered when you say they will, and they'll be secured throughout the process.

Certified Mail gives you the accuracy and security you need. Avoiding cheaper and less reliable postage methods will leave your customers happy, rather than disappointed if items go missing or fail to arrive on time.

With a certified mail receipt, both you and your customers can track every item you send with accurate times for delivery. If you're sending valuable items, you'll be confident that they'll arrive having been treated with respect, and insured for damages or losses if mishaps occur.

Thanks to the tracking process, you'll also know where the item is from the point of delivery to your recipient's door.

Take Advantage of Certified Mail Labels

With trackable delivery, proof of postage and the ability to print your certified labels from home, why would you want to send mail any other way?

You might be willing to risk the standard post for your unimportant mail, but for anything critical, Certified Mail is the only way you can ensure your post arrives securely and on time.

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