The first known postal system was developed in Egypt in 2400 BCE. Since then, the concept of the postal system has remained very popular and is still in use today. Obviously, much more advanced than it used to be, today’s postal system mainly uses automated machines.

These machines help sort packages based on their mailing labels. This ensures that everything gets to the right destination on time.

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Sending a First-Class letter and need to know what the label should look like? What should you include on package labels? Keep reading and learn more about the proper mailing label template.

What Should You Include on Mailing Labels?

It is important to make sure your mail labels are formatted correctly. Automatic mail machines look for very specific templates and information when sorting mail. If your labels don't have the right information or design, the package might not get to its intended destination.

If the machines can't understand your label, your mail might get rerouted. This could cause a significant delay in shipping time. There might also be a problem if there is excess information placed below the delivery line on the label.

If there is a logo or an attention line, the machines will get confused. It is best to keep your mail labels as simple and accurate as possible. It is also important to double-check what's written on the label.

A typo can lead to a delay. It may also cause the package to get delivered to the wrong address. Make sure the postage stamps and the mailing label are placed on the same side of the mail piece.

If you are sending a letter instead of a package, keep the address label parallel to the letter's longest side. Every word on the mailing address labels should be capitalized.

While the automatic mail machines might still identify the address label in lowercase, it is better not to risk it. There should not be any punctuation on the labels.

The Details

Make sure that the letters and numbers are, at least, size 10 font.This ensures that the machines can properly read the text. Anything smaller than 10 pt. will be too hard for the machine to read.

There should be a single space between the city that you list and the state. Using no spaces or too many spaces will confuse the automatic machines. You need two spaces between the ZIP code and the state.

Do not use any fancy fonts when creating a mailing label. The mail machines cannot read cursive or other script fonts. It is better to use a very simple font that is easy to read.

The entire label should be left justified. If the text gets shifted to the left, it may be hard or impossible for the machines to read the label. Newer machines are more advanced but it’s best to stick with the tried and true template.

Always use black ink. Using any other shade makes it too hard to read. The text should be placed on white or a similar light color paper. Never use the reverse type for your label. This means the label would be black while the text is white. Most machines cannot read white ink.

Other Details to Consider for Mailing Labels

Make sure that no information is cut off when printing your mailing labels. Some label printing machines will accidentally print outside of the designated area. This may remove a letter or number from the address.

This small mistake can delay your package for weeks. Make sure that every detail of the address gets included well within the label margins. If you need to include an attention line, always include it above the city and state address.

Putting it below the address will make it too hard for the automatic machines to read. You also should not put it in the bottom corner of the package.

Don't forget directionals. Directionals are North, South, East, and West. They may sometimes be abbreviated to their first letters. Including directionals is important, because they may designate a completely different address to the postal carrier.

For example, North Baker's Street is a very different address than South Baker's Street. Not including this information will result in a delay or worse- your package may get lost entirely.

What You Need to Know

Double-check the ZIP code. Many people make mistakes when typing in the ZIP code. They may add an extra number or leave off a digit. They may mix up the numbers or make some other mistake.

Making a small mistake with the ZIP code may cause your package to end up in a different city or a different state. It may take weeks before it gets rerouted back to its proper destination.

Avoid special types of paper. Automatic mail machines may get confused if your paper has patterns or a glossy layer. Click here, to learn more about the importance of quality envelopes.

The package should remain a solid, light color. White is the best shade since it is the most standard and easy for the machines to distinguish. Make sure there are no typos in the street or city address either. This will ensure that your package gets to its destination on time.

All About Formatting Mailing Labels

It is very important to be precise and correct when creating mailing labels. A small mistake like a typo or missing number can send your mail to a different destination. It is also important to put the information in the right place so the mail machines can correctly read and sort it.

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