Certified Mail Tracking FAQ | Certified Mail LabelsUnited States Postal Service (USPS) Certified Mail® is a secure and reliable way to send important documents and parcels. Certified Mail offers proof of mailing, including the date mailed, letter tracking, and delivery confirmation. When delivering Certified Mail, the recipient must provide a signature. This signature verifies delivery to the sender.

Send Certified Mail is an easy and affordable way to send and track Certified Mail. Ensure the safe delivery of your mail piece without ever leaving your home or office. All while paying less than you would at the Post Office.

Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Certified Mail tracking. First, learn how to save time and money on each Certified letter sent with SendCertifiedMail.com.

Why send with Send Certified Mail?

Convenience and efficiency are necessities, especially in business.

Send Certified Mail promises same-business-day mailing. This ensures your letter is quickly on its way to the recipient. We print, mail, and track your letter. We save you time and money while offering peace of mind.

Easily upload your PDF letter file and we will print, pack, and deliver it to the Post Office the same-business-day. Senders immediately receive USPS tracking information for verification and compliance records.

Mailing with SendCertifiedMail.com requires:

  • No trips to the local Post Office
  • No Green Card (Form 3800)
  • No mailing receipts or form to keep up with
  • No printer access
  • No labels or stickers
  • No postage meter costs, new equipment, or software to download
  • No lease or long-term contracts
  • No monthly fees

Tracking Certified Mail Without a Tracking Number

A unique identifier is assigned to each Certified Mail item. This number allowing you to monitor the progress of your mail. It is not possible to track Certified Mail without a tracking number.

Fortunately, when sending with SendCertifiedMail.com, you no longer have to keep up with individual tracking numbers.

Users receive a tracking number immediately, and their account dashboard keeps all the information. This allows for efficient record keeping and organization. As well as, 24/7/365 access and monitoring.

Return Receipt Signtaure | Certified Mail LabelsHow to Check the Status of Your Certified Mail?

To check the status of your letter, simply visit the SendCertifiedMail.com website and log in to your account. From your dashboard, select the Tracking button. There, you will see a list of your mailings and the status of each.

You can access the Electronic Delivery Confirmation once the mail carrier delivers the mail piece. This report provides information on the delivery status. It includes information on whether it is in transit, if it has been delivered, or if a delivery attempt is scheduled. This feature provides you with real-time updates on the whereabouts of your Certified Mail label.

For letters with Return Receipt Electronic, your copy of the recipients signature report will also be available from USPS in your Tracking Summary Report.

What is the difference between USPS tracking and Certified Mail?

USPS tracking and Certified Mail are two distinct services offered by the Postal Service. While both services provide delivery route information, there are some key differences between the two.

USPS tracking is available for various mail classes, including First-Class Mail and Priority Mail, and provides detailed updates throughout the delivery process. Whereas Certified Mail is a specific service that offers proof of mailing and proof of delivery. It requires a signature upon delivery and serves as an added layer of security and accountability.

Reasons You Are Unable to Track Certified Mail

There could be several reasons why you are unable to track your Certified Mail service.

One common reason is that the information may not update in real-time. USPS recommends waiting a few hours or even a day for the information to update.

As stated above, if you do not have the tracking number and are trying to search via the USPS website you will not have success.

About Send Certified Mail

Maintain secure records of all your compliance mailings and important business communications. For each letter mailed, our service includes:

  • A copy of your letter
  • Proof of USPS Certified Mail acceptance
  • In-route delivery tracking
  • Electronic Delivery Confirmation
  • Optional USPS Return Receipt Signatures
  • Receive complimentary email notifications

Learn more about how we can best serve you, please contact our Customer Support team. Create an account today.

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