A popular feature of Certified Mail is the ability to track a letter from the time it hits the mail stream until it is delivered. Certified Mail is most often used for compliance and legal purposes among attorneys, property managers, debt collectors, government agencies, and business owners. Tracking provides proof of mailing and proof of delivery which is necessary in many industries.

When a Certified Mail label is created for a letter a unique tracking number is assigned to the mail piece. Send Certified Mail immediately provides the USPS tracking number for users offering convenience and efficient mail management. At each check point of the mailing process the label is scanned and the information and location are recorded.

Send Certified Mail uses live United States Postal Service(USPS) Certified Mail postage. Thus, all package tracking information is recorded by the Postal Service. However, there is no longer a need for green card mail receipts (form 3800) to track your mail.

Mail Services Offered by Send Certified Mail include:

  • Certified with Electronic Delivery Confirmation
  • Certified with Return Receipt (Signature)
  • First-Class Mail

Certified Mail has to be accepted by a person before it can be delivered by the mail carrier. Senders who want a designated recipient’s signature for the letter can opt for Certified with Restricted Delivery.

USPS attempts delivery two times before returning the certified letter to sender. The date, time, and details of each delivery attempt are recorded on the tracking log. Even if the mail is marked 'Undeliverable' the proof of attempted delivery is documented for the sender’s records.

How Do I Access My Tracking Report?

Tracking reports can be accessed by logging into your Send Certified Mail account. Once signed in, select the "Tracking" option listed on your Dashboard. A list of all your sent letter(s) will populate.

If the letter has not been delivered, you can view the Tracking Summary Report. If the letter was delivered you can view the Electronic Delivery Confirmation (EDC) which will list the tracking history with location, date, and time stamps. The EDC confirms proof of mailing by showing acceptance by USPS and proof of delivery by listing when the letter was accepted by the recipient.

Also available on your Send Certified Mail Tracking Summary Report is Return Receipt Electronic. A copy of the signature will be available, for applicable letters, upon delivery.

Why Send Certified Mail?

Save time and money sending Certified Mail from your home or office with Send Certified Mail. Users have access to a 10-year, complimentary data archive for organization and seamless record keeping. Tracking information is securely stored using bank-grade encryption and a copy of the PDF letter itself is also archived for quick reference.

Avoid printing expenses and inflated shipping cost by trusting Send Certified Mail with all your full mail service, print and mail needs.

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