Certified Mail Labels | The Benefits of Certified Mail Automation for Your OfficeEach day the United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers 187.8 million pieces of mail.

Go back and read that again. That's 187.8 million pieces of mail per day! 

The Postal Service claims there's no way to accurately measure how much of that mail gets lost. After all, if they could track it, it wouldn't be lost. 

Some outside sources estimate that 3% of mail pieces are lost. Even that conservative estimate still adds up to over 5.6 million pieces per day. 

Whether those numbers are accurate or not is up for debate but the fact remains that juggling 187.8 million pieces of anything is a big task. It only makes sense that things get lost from time to time.

What you don't want to have happen is that your sensitive piece of mail is one of the ones that go missing.

You already know that sending letters by certified mail is a good way to make sure that your correspondence arrives. But it's a pain to do it all by hand.

That's where certified mail automation comes in. Let's check out the benefits here.

Less Room for Error

Whenever a person does anything there is the chance that they will make a mistake. They may be distracted by stray thought or someone may come by with a question and interrupt their train of thought.

Addressing and sending letters by certified mail is no different. One misplaced digit could spell disaster when filling out an address. Accuracy is extremely important. 

For many businesses, even a small error in mailing a letter or package could be costly. Certified mail automation helps to ensure that those mistakes don't happen and your mail gets where it needs to go. 

Easy Tracking

In this day and age, the technology to track a piece of mail as it makes its journey from one place to the next is cheap and easy. Thus, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to see exactly where your piece of mail is at any time. 

Automated mailing solutions make this process so much more streamlined. The software will store the information in an easy-to-access way. 

If you do things by hand you'll have to visit the website and punch in that huge string of numbers that is your tracking number. Plus, you'll have to find that big long number first. The automated process makes it easy to access your tracking information with the simple click of a button.

Custom Reports

Sometimes you need a piece of information about one of your mailings. Instead of having to comb through a stack of letters to find it, you can simply put your search term into your certified mail automation program. 

Now you can easily scroll through and sort data by date range and other factors. You can even easily generate a full-on tracking report for a particular piece of mail to review. 

Know Your Costs

Postage costs can get out of hand rather fast. Some weights and sizes cost more than others and it can be confusing to keep track of.

When you (or your employees) handle the office correspondence you probably don't keep a running tab on the postage costs. When you find that you have to send various pieces of mail, you could be blindsided by the bill when it comes. 

Postage automation keeps track of all the costs for you. Enter the weight and type of certified mail service into the postage calculator. Then you can see how much you should be prepared to pay in postage costs.

Save Money

You might shy away from investing in certified mail automation because you think that it would be too expensive. 

Stop and think about this, though. By not setting up certified mail automation, you could actually be losing money!

How? Because you still have to pay someone to take care of the mailings for you.

Even if you take on the task yourself, you could still lose money. Your time is worth something. The time that you could be spending on another important function of your business is wasted when you could have been using certified mail automation in the first place. 


By automating your certified mail mailings, you can also save a lot of time. Employees that could be working on something else won't be as efficient. When they can devote their full attention to their assigned tasks, rather than licking stamps all day, your workplace becomes more productive.


Your postage needs are not always the same. What do you do if you have a dramatic increase in mailings and your staff is handling them by hand? They're feeling overwhelmed by the burden and it's taking them away from their normal role.

Automate the process and don't worry about those fluctuations. The right system will be able to scale up and down as necessary to ensure that your needs are met. 

Certified Mail Automation Is Not Only for Big Companies

You might think that you don't send very much mail so you can get away with doing it by hand. But really, certified mail automation is a must for any small business.

There are already a thousand and one little things you have to do to keep your business afloat. You might as well take the certified mail mailings off your list for good.

Feel free to check out our solutions today and feel free to contact us with any questions. We have all sorts of efficient ways to handle your mailings and help ensure they go where they are supposed to. 
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