Certified Mail Labels | Reasons You Should Consider Online Certified Mail for Your Small BusinessIn December 2018, USPS delivered approximately 8 million packages on each weekend. On a typical day, USPS processes millions of mail. The numbers are a clear indication that snail mailing is here to stay.

Certified mailing is one of the communication approaches that will make your small business outstanding. The service is particularly useful if you have time-sensitive and vital documents you need to send. With the assurance and added security of certified mail, adopting the service is a decision that will take your business to the next level.

Do you run a small business and need a consistent mailing service? Learn the top benefits of using online certified mail on a regular basis.

1. Proof of Sending the Mail

The USPS requires you to fill a Certificate Mail Form before sending a certified mail. You will get a receipt, which is a legal document to show that you mailed a package. Each sender receives a tracking number for the certified mail.

What’s more, USPS will collect and store your signatures for up to two years. You might need the proof for legal purposes. Adopting certified mail will save your small business unnecessary fines and bad reviews.

If you sell your wares on sites such as eBay, certified mail will save you from scrupulous buyers. Some customers can deny receipt of items ordered, leading to refunds from your account. If you have proof that you sent the items, you’ll be off the hook.

2. Reduce Postage Errors

One of the common postage mistakes people make is writing incorrect addresses. The errors can lead to lost documents or returns to the sender. With an online certified mail, you can avoid most of these mistakes.

Standard postal deliveries won't guarantee that your mail will reach the recipient on time. Certified mails are free of typical errors because of the thoroughness in recording relevant delivery information. You will enjoy the secure transmission and tracking of mails.

Postage mistakes can be costly. But with certified mail, you can rest easy knowing that your urgent packages will get to their recipients on time.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Certified mail postage is a great way to impress your customers. Potential and existing clients desire personalized experiences. Communication through certified mail fosters a positive relationship.

With certified mail, your small business appears more professional. A client feels valued because this mailing approach offers a heightened sense of security and privacy. Furthermore, it gets to the client on time.

A customer will appreciate the way you prioritize their communication. Certified mailing can be a simple strategy that will help you to have a lasting relationship with your customers. Start using certified mail today and watch your clientele base increase.

4. Get Return Receipts

Online certified mail allows senders to request for a return receipt. USPS offers return receipts service to act as proof of mail delivery. The recipient has to sign a postcard or sign the electronic copy.

When sending a certified mail, you have the option of buying an electronic or a physical return receipt. You will have to part with an additional fee, which is worth the service. The return receipt is a critical feature, especially when dealing with sensitive parcels or mails.

You should record all the transactions for your small business. USPS has made it easier because you can get stored receipts for up to ten years. You won’t have to worry about a return client who brings up a complaint about an order she made three years ago.

5. P.O Box

Some people don’t understand the USPS certified mail service and might undermine its benefits. One of the reasons you should embrace certified mail is the P.O. Box feature. The mailing company sends certified mails to a P.O. Box.

The recipient has to take the delivery slip to the clerk at USPS. After signing and confirming the delivery, the recipient picks the mail. This process is essential for your business because it's a confirmation that your client has received the package.

When your client is not at home, the post office representatives will leave a notice. The service ensures that a client won't miss any important mail.

6. Promotes a Sense of Urgency

When you send a certified mail to your client or partner, you are sure to get timely feedback. Certified mails evoke a sense of urgency. A recipient has to sign before opening the package.

Besides, you're confident that your mail won't end up in a heap of other unimportant documents. A certified mail looks professional, and one feels the need to act on it immediately. This aspect is a plus for your small business.

Certified mail rates are a small price to pay for a service that might save you staggering losses. You will worry less about document loss. The resultant peace of mind is worth every investment in a certified mailing.

7. Accuracy

USPS loses almost $3 billion each year. It is clear that some Americans prefer alternative methods of sending packages.

Yet, with the online certified mail, you could achieve more in customer communication than most approaches.

If you send certified mail online, the level of accuracy is optimal. The delivery is reliable, and you will benefit from the resultant customer loyalty. With this mode of sending mails, you will have a competitive advantage over other businesses.

8. Save Money

For a small business, saving money in mail sending is a crucial step. While certified mail labels and the overall cost of sending might seem high, using the service will save you some bucks. The cost of lost shipment and document can cost you your entire business.

Certified mail is secure. Cases of lost mail are rare. So why not risk the few dollars and save yourself the trouble of paying for lost shipment?

Online Certified Mail Is A Service That Will Benefit Your Small Business

If postal deliveries have been disappointing, online certified mail will rebuild your confidence in USPS.

The service will have substantial positive impacts on your business. You’ll have a better relationship with your clients and still save resources.

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