Certified Mail Labels | Understanding USPS Certified Mail and Electronic Delivery Confirmation Services

In 2017 alone, 149.4 billion pieces of mail were handled. Many of those mail items were nonessential coupons, credit card offerings, and other letters that aren't that important. The majority of mail handled over the years, however, is quite important. 

Certified Mail provides the sender proof and verification to ensure that it was delivered properly and on time. Certified Mail services include the send and receive date, as well as innovative letter tracking and delivery confirmation. This form of postage is essential for important legal documents, along with compliance, regulatory, and notice mailings. 

The reason this new form of postage has become so popular is its ability to incorporate electric delivery. There are a few important aspects of electronic delivery that are involved with Certified Mailing, let's take a look. 

Return Address and Delivery Address -- The return address can be found in the upper left form of the USPS Certified Mail letter. If your letter is not delivered to the desired recipient, for any reason at all, it will be returned to this original address. The Delivery Address is located underneath the barcode and mailing number.

Electronic Postmark -- The USPS Electronic Postmark is necessary for the mailing original date.

Certified Mail Number -- You can find your Certified Mail number underneath the barcode. The 22 digit number, which will always begin with 94, is used to link your letter and mail labels with your information for domestic and international tracking purposes.

Label Reference Number -- The Label Reference number allows custom data like billing codes and client numbers that can be linked back to the Certified Mail letter. Your actual reference can include up to 256 characters for long-tail reporting as well.

Proof of Mailing -- The moment you create a Certified Mail Label, the tracking data is then activated and can guarantee an accurate and efficient mail service.

Proof of Delivery -- At the bottom left corner of a Certified Mail letter, a "DELIVERED" note will be listed including the Postal Facility it was sent to, the zip code, as well as the date and time.

If you want to learn more about improving your mail services with automated USPS Certified Mail, check out Certified Mail Labels online right away! 

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