How to Avoid Mistakes When Printing Shipping Labels

Over half of Americans have sent Certified Mail. More and more people are opting to skip the trip to the Post Office and create their shipping labels with Certified Mail Labels.

Certified Mail is an extra service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) which provides the mailer with proof of mailing and proof of delivery. It contains the date the item was mailed, letter tracking, and delivery confirmation.

Certified Mail requires a signature upon delivery to provide proof the item was delivered. It is used primarily for important legal and compliance mail, regulatory, and notice to owners' mailings.

Just like with any mail piece, making a mistake when preparing a Certified letter can cause it to get lost or misdelivered.

Read on to learn about the top shipping mistakes to avoid when printing shipping labels for Certified Mail.

Printing the Wrong Address

There are countless benefits to sending Certified Mail. Even the basic Certified Mail label allows you to track your mail as it travels to its destination and see when someone has officially signed for it. However, nothing is going to create a problem faster than entering the wrong address when preparing your label for printing.

Return Address Problems

One advantage to printing your shipping labels is that illegible handwriting is never a concern. However, it is important to always confirm that the return address is correct. This is especially true if you've recently changed addresses.

If you already have a Certified Mail Labels account, your return address will auto-fill, but you begin to create a label. You can easily change the return address if needed. You can also create additional mail profiles in your account settings if you often send letters from multiple senders/addresses.

Why does the return address matter so much? If USPS cannot deliver to mail, it will be returned to sender. If the wrong return address was used when mailing, you will not receive the mail back.

Shipping Address Problems

One of the most common reasons that Certified Mail gets lost or is undeliverable is due to labels having the wrong shipping address printed on them. A single incorrect digit in the zip code can add weeks to your delivery time.

Always double check the address is correct to avoid issues. Certified Mail Labels utilizes address verification which uses the USPS database to confirm the address entered is a valid, deliverable location.

Why can't USPS make corrections to misprinted suite numbers or zip codes? USPS relies heavily on an automated sorting system. If you use the wrong address or a version of the address isn't recognized by the system, you will face delivery problems.

Mailing a Smudged or Obscured Label

Printer ink dries quickly. However, you should allow the paper to cool and the ink to dry before you start handling your Certified Mail label. Otherwise, you may smudge important information, including the return address, mailing address, or barcode.

It's also important to note that there are three type of label options when you use Certified Mail Labels:

  • Our pre-printed envelopes with print-at-home Certified Mail Lables inserts
  • Our Certified Mail stickers with print-at-home Certified Mail Labels affixed
  • Print-at-home Certified Mail Labels affixed to a basic envelope

If you are using Certified Mail stickers or using your own envelopes, make sure to pay attention to placement. USPS must be able to scan the barcode on the label. If it's inserted, it should be visible through the clear plastic, cellophane window. Incorrect label placement will result in delivery issues.

Printer Alignment Issues

To send Certified Mail from home, you'll need the Certified Mail insert or affix to the envelope. Once again, USPS uses automated systems to sort and send out mail. If your label isn't properly centered or the label is printed with streaks, the machine may not be able to read and sort it. This could result in a delay or a return to sender.

Printer alignment issues tend to arise when the printer is clogged or the ink cartridges aren't installed correctly. Before printing your Certified Mail Labels, run your printer's alignment test and troubleshoot any alignment problems.

Using a Black and White Printer

This particular mistake is only relevant if you are printing your Certified Mail Labels to affix to your own envelopes. At the top of any Certified Mail letter, you'll see a green bar with the words "USPS Certified Mail." This portion must be green per USPS. Using a printer with color ink or toner is a must.

If you only have a black and white printer, avoid this issue by ordering our Certified Mail envelopes or our Certified Mail envelope adhesives. You can print the insert using a black and white printer.

Miscalculating Dimensions

When you're paying for Certified Mail, you'll need to cover the cost of the envelope and insert. You'll also need to cover the cost of postage.

Certified Mail Labels allows you to skip the trip to the Post Office and easily do this from home. You will just need to enter the dimensions and weight of your letter or package. The proper postage and Certified Mail fee will be calculated for you.

Overestimating the dimensions of your mail won't impact its deliverability. However, if you under-calculate the dimensions, the mail will come back to sender with a request for more postage. Follow these easy steps to create a postage label online.

Skipping Additional Services

Certified Mail is not meant to arrive faster than uncertified mail. The benefits lie in your ability to track the parcel and rest assured that someone had to sign for it. Proof of mailing, proof of delivery, and peace of mind are what Certified Mail known for.

If you're looking for faster delivery or additional services, make sure to account for that while creating and paying for your shipping labels. For delivery in one to three business days, you can add Priority Mail to your label.

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Print Shipping Labels for Certified Mail the Right Way

Certified Mail offers a level of protection that standard mail cannot match. However, there are still USPS patrons whose Certified Mail gets lost in transit. Use this guide to avoid common mistakes people make when they print Certified Mail Labels.

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