Certified Mail Labels | Everything You Need to Know About Certified Mail DeliveryThe doorbell rang. The dog is barking. The mail carrier has a Certified Letter and needs a signature, but no one is home. So, what happens if no one signs for the letter?

What about if the recipient is home, but does not want the letter? Can you refuse Certified Mail?

Here's everything you need to know about Certified Mail delivery.

Why do I have to sign for Certified Mail?

USPS Certified Mail provides proof to the sender. This proof includes the date an item was mailed, a USPS tracking number, and delivery confirmation. In order to provide proof of delivery, Certified Mail requires a signature.

What happens if Certified Mail isn't signed for?

If the letter isn’t signed for, the mail will be returned to the Post Office. The Postal employee will leave a notice for the recipient notifying them that a delivery attempt was made. The notice will provide instructions for picking up the letter at the Post Office.

The recipient has 15 business days to go to the Post Office and sign for their letter. After that, the letter will be returned to sender. The sender can schedule a second delivery attempt within the 15-day window. Learn more about scheduling a redelivery attempt.

What does restricted delivery on Certified Mail mean?

Restricted delivery is a special Certified Mail service that limits letter delivery to a specified individual or their authorized agent. Restricted delivery is an added service to Certified and Registered Mail.

If the listed individual or their authorized agent is not available to sign for the Certified letter upon delivery, it will be returned to the Post Office. A delivery attempt notice will be left for the recipient.

What happens if I refuse a Certified Letter?

If the recipient is available during delivery, they can refuse to sign for the Certified Mail. The addressee can inquire about the sender of the letter before signing for the mail piece. If the letter is refused, it will be noted as "Refused" and then returned to sender.

Once the letter is signed for, the recipient cannot then decide to refuse and returned the letter to the mail carrier. Learn more about Certified Mail refusal.

What can I do if my Certified Mail is not Delivered?

A follow-up may be necessary if tracking indicates that the letter has not yet been delivered after several weeks. The sender should contact the Post Office of the last recorded scan to check the delivery status. When contacting, request to speak to the Postmaster and have the Certified Mail article number available for reference.

If the letter cannot be located or delivered, you may request a USPS refund for services not rendered. To request a refund, you must complete a PS Form 3533 and submit it to your local Post Office. Learn more about USPS refunds.

Can a PO Box Receive Certified Mail?

No. Certified Mail cannot be delivered without a signature. Certified Mail can be mailed to a PO Box. However, a Certified Mail piece cannot be left in a PO Box. Instead, the Postal Service employee will leave a notice in the box instructing the recipient to see the window clerk to sign for their Certified Mail.

Learn more about mailing to a PO Box.

Can you send Certified Mail without going to the Post Office?

Yes. Sending Certified Mail online is quick, easy, and affordable with Certified Mail Labels. Create USPS Certified Mail® labels, Priority Mail labels, and Express Mail labels with USPS Postage from the comfort of your home or office.

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