Certified Mail Labels | Blue USPS Post BoxApproximately 20% of small businesses in the United States fail each year. It only takes a single poor business decision to derail your company's performance. This is especially true regarding choices that impact your business reputation.

eCommerce companies that send packages to their customers can benefit greatly from using Certified Mail Labels. Not everyone understands the importance or how to get started.

This brief guide includes the key information to remember for the best benefits when sending Certified Mail online.

Proof of Mailing

In many situations, sending a package or letter by a specific date is essential. Issues often arise when delays occur and the other party claims the business sent the mail late.

Proof of mailing proves that the mail was sent on a specific date. Businesses aren't held liable for shipping delays, since they have no control over what happens once the mail has been sent. It's customary for businesses to notify customers when their order has been shipped. Certified Mail allows businesses to back up these claims.

Location Tracking

Customers and clients often want to know where their mail is while it's in transit. While they can't do anything to expedite the process, it provides insight into when they can expect to receive their order. This increases their overall satisfaction and makes them more likely to order from your company in the future.

Imagine buying a product from an online business and receiving no information about where your order is. This is inconvenient and can quickly lead to frustration.

All shipments include a Certified Mail tracking number. This allows the sender and recipient to see delays.

Priority Delivery

In many situations, customers need their mail to arrive as soon as possible. This is especially true if your business sells products people use for their own companies, such as equipment or parts.

The postal service strives to deliver First-Class mail in 3-10 business days and Priority Mail in 1-3 business days. USPS Certified Mail's delivery time is the same depending on which option you choose.

It's worth noting that having a Certified Mail Label gives your shipment extra priority. The green label warrants special attention. This means, in many times, your parcel will reach its destination earlier in the delivery window.

Delivery Confirmation

Having proof of delivery is just as important as having proof of mailing. This is especially true for mail pieces containing sensitive information, such as legal documents and compliance mail.

Certified Mail requires a signature before the recipient can receive the delivery. If the recipient has a post office box, they'll receive a notice to provide a signature to the window clerk.

Recipients can designate someone to sign on their behalf if they are unavailable at the time of delivery. This is most commonly a spouse or family member, but it could be anyone the recipient trusts.

Record Retention

Certified Mail allows you to document the time and date the mail is sent and received. Senders can reference this information in the future to resolve disputes. Certified Mail Labels offers senders a complimentary data archive for 10-years. This giving you plenty of time to sort out the required information.

Protection Against Package Theft and Loss

Contingencies can occur at any time, and loss/theft are some of the worst to deal with. Without the right protections in place, businesses are responsible for replacing the item.

Shipping delays also give customers a negative experience with your brand. Tracking allows you to prevent mail loss and requiring a signature will ensure it reaches its intended recipient.

Getting Started

The best Certified Mail solution is Certified Mail Labels. Certified Mail protect the letters your company sends. Certified Mail Labels is easy to use when running a business from home. Skip the trip to the Post Office and easily print and mail letters with live USPS postage.

Why Certified Mail Labels?

Certified Mail Labels is the industry leader in Certified Mail online. Users save $3.15 on postage for each Certified Mail® green card receipt they send. As well as, a wide array of other mail services.

There are:

  • No contracts
  • No monthly fees
  • No software
  • No special equipment

Users receive email notifications with electronic return receipts, Electronic Delivery Confirmations reports, and Return Receipt Signatures. Each label includes tracking and our 10-year compliance archive provides excellent record keeping.

Quickly address your label online and print it on a sheet of paper. Affix it to your envelopes and your Certified Mail is ready to send.

Don't Overlook Certified Mail Online

Leveraging Certified Mail online can help improve your company's reputation and provide peace of mind for your customers. The information in this guide will help you get started.

Certified Mail Labels provides easy and affordable access to the Certified Mail labels you need. Thus, ensuring your mail reaches its intended destination every time.

Learn more about the benefits of Certified Mail Labels by contacting us today. Schedule a demo with our Customer Support Team to find solutions for your online business.

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