People truly enjoy getting letters mailed to their home. Even younger people are getting excited about physical paper mail, as 36% of people under the age of 30 look forward to checking the mail each day.

If anyone is involved in an infinite email loop, however, or constant return to sender issues, your mailing can get quite stressful.
Mail loops involve mail servers, scripts, or even email clients that generate automatic responses and replies. One response can trigger another automatic response, thus creating a constant mailing loop. If you recently moved into a new apartment, a common mailing loop issue is constantly receiving mail from previous tenants.

According to City Lab, simply writing "return to sender" on the back of the unwanted mailing item and placing it back into the mail doesn't always work.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) prints a barcode on each piece of mail, and that bar code has a specific destination attached to it. So even if the previous tenants move and change their address at the Post Office, the sorting system will read that barcode, direct the mail to your current address, and essentially ignore any "return to sender" note you wrote on the envelope at all.

"They don't usually see individual pieces of mail," said Sue Brennan, spokesperson for the USPS. "They see bundles of mail for individual addresses."

Aside from printing out your own custom postage stamps and mailing all that unwanted mail to the correct address yourself, your best bet is to thoroughly cross out the barcode at the bottom of the envelope. This will alert the system that the letter cannot be delivered and it will be taken out of mail circulation.

In some rare instances, however, even crossing out the barcode won't solve this mailing issue. If that's the case, your best bet is to head to the local Post Office and speak with a postal representative or station manager. Explain to them that you've been having a recurring issue with returned mail and -- hopefully -- it will finally be addressed.

Custom postage isn't just great for solving complicated mailing issues, they can also be great for overall convenience. If you want to learn more about printing your own custom postage stamps, give Certified Mail Labels a call today.
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