If you're ready to automate your business or even your personal mail to the next level, you're in the right place. Here at Certified Mail Labels, we are revolutionizing the way Certified Mail is prepared and mailed from electronic online postage and acceptance processing to digital signatures and electronic delivery confirmations with 10-year data storage retention. 

Why Certified Mail Labels?
Here are just a few of the ways we have improved Certified Mail that makes the process fast and easy and also saves you time and money. 

•    No monthly fees -- you simply pay each time you mail something. 
•    You won't have to go on those inconvenient trips to the Post Office.
•    You'll get access 24/7 365 days a year! 
•    No stickers or labels. 
•    No long-term contracts or lease. 
•    Approved USPS Address Standardization that expedites each piece of mail. 
•    You'll receive proof of mailing and delivery confirmations by email. 
•    You'll receive 10-years off-site information storage
•    You can add unlimited users/departments to your online account.
•    No postage meter expense.
•    No software to download, install or purchase.
•    No purchasing equipment or additional download installations. 

We understand the importance of your compliance mail. Innovative mail services are great, but you need a mailing solution that you can trust. At Certified Mail Labels, we're here to help you manage and every kind of compliance and postage need, from printing custom postage stamps to delivering and tracking every document you ever send. 

Whether you're working for a law firm, towing company, storage warehouse, a government agency, or simply an individual in need of certified mail services, we're here to help you automate the process. Call Certified Mail Labels to schedule an online demonstration of our Certified Mail Solutions.for a hassle-free, best in class mail service.  Call 800-406-1792, at Certified Mail Labels, we automate USPS Certified Mail so you can Skip the trip to the Post Office and save time and money.
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