Certified Mail TOPA

What is TOPA and how does TOPA Certified Mail Service work?

The Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, commonly called ‘TOPA’, offers District of Columbia (DC) residents of rental housing the opportunity to purchase or transfer real estate or property when the owner puts it up for sale.

Under this act, the Notice of Transfer is sent by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested and includes Electronic Delivery Confirmation. The notice must be mailed 90 days prior to the proposed date of transfer. The notice to tenants must be sent to their address at the housing accommodation. Unless, the tenant has provided in writing to the building owner or Management Company a different address for notice.

Certified Mail Labels provides printing and mailing services that can assist property owners and managers to meet this compliance regulation in the District of Columbia. Certified Mail Labels provides online Certified Mail services for the U.S. Postal Service. Allow us to provide lettershop mailing services to assist you to complete your compliance mailing accurately and on-time.

How much does a TOPA mailing cost?

The cost of a TOPA mailing is based on the cost of the USPS postage and the cost of the printing services. It is based on the number of letters you will be mailing, the number of printed pages, postage weight, envelope size/shape of each mailing, and finally the USPS Certified Mail service required.

Services such as Return Receipt Requested and Restricted Delivery are services that provide you with evidence or proof of receipt. The signature is collected electronically by the U.S. Postal Service letter carrier and the return receipt signature is then made into an electronic certified mail return receipt PDF file.

Some TOPA mailings are smaller and average 50 to 75 pages. Others can be complex and contain hundreds of printed pages and exhibits in the mailing envelope. To reduce the cost and USPS postage weight, we suggest printing on both sides of the paper. This will also qualify for Certified Mail via First Class postage vs the more expensive Certified Mail with Priority Delivery. If your envelope weighs more than 13.0 OZ, it will need to be mailed with the more expensive Priority Mail rates.

The best way to get an exact quote is to provide us with exact information. Please provide the final contract or offer agreement page count so we can accurately calculate total pages, print impressions, postage weight, mail piece size/shape, and USPS postage costs. TOPA Certified Mail

We also need to know the total number of letters to be mailed to tenants. As well as, how many copies need to be mailed to the DC Department of Housing. Sometimes an identical copy of each tenant’s letter must be mailed separately to comply. Your attorney can advise you on how they want this completed. Click here, to inquire about a quote.

Certified Mail Labels will complete all USPS paperwork and coordinate the Certified Mail date, including the affidavit of mailing and USPS dock acceptance receipts. We archive copies of your records and then FedEx the originals overnight to your attorney.

To learn more, call us at 800-406-1792 and ask for a TOPA Certified Mail Specialist.

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