We rely on the United States Postal Service (USPS) for a lot. If we don't get our mail on time, we could face serious problems like missing important notices. In fact, most policies require that the insurer provide advance notice of nonrenewal with the notice requirement ranging between 10 to 75 days depending on jurisdiction and circumstances surrounding the nonrenewal.

While the USPS is a well-known organization, misinformation always has a way of spreading quickly. Let's take a look at some of the most common USPS myths circulating today.

MYTH: The Postal Service is Inefficient

Back in the day, it would take at least 70 employees one hour to go through 35,000 letters. Now, it takes two employees to go through that much mail in one hour. Even though the number of homes in the United States has grown significantly over the years, the number of employees needed to complete the job has decreased. The USPS has been able to keep costs down with their training and staffing skills, while still producing the most efficient product for customers.

MYTH: Mail Isn’t Reliable

According to surveys by IBM, postal mail services have been able to achieve record reliability levels. As a company, the USPS has made it a goal to be punctual and prides itself on being trustworthy and secure with all mail. Over the years, there have been only a few identity crimes that have occurred through the mail. In fact, theft of someone's purse or wallet is at a higher rate in terms of identity crimes. This means your information is safer in the mail than it is on your person.

MYTH: Mail Hurts the Environment

Yes, custom postage uses fossil fuels when making deliveries via mail trucks or vehicles. Mail often produces paper waste. However, with both of these things in mind, the USPS is still a lot greener than you may think. The company has made their vehicles more ecologically friendly over the past few years to help reduce their gas emissions. Also, most packages and envelopes we receive are recyclable and made of materials that are environmentally friendly.

The United States Postal Service provides a crucial service to both individuals and businesses across the nation. Make sure you know what is and isn’t true about the company by taking a look at the myths listed above.
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