The SCAN form is proof of acceptance. If you need to prove the date and more specifically the time you letter was entered into the United States Postal Service mail stream this is that proof. The form contains a master barcode that represents all the letters you include on the form. When this barcode is scanned it officially enters the letters into the USPS mail stream. This single scan also enters the letters into out tracking database as "shipment accepted". 

How to create your SCAN form: Once you have created all the labels you want to go out that day you are ready to create your SCAN form. 

NOTE: You can ONLY create a SCAN Form on the date that is indicated in the Postmark of the label. 

You do this under the "Report" tab on the red navigation bar. 
Click on "SCAN Form (USPS Acceptance)" in the blue drop-down menu. 

Next select the Mail Profile under which the labels were created. This will list all labels done under that Mail Profile/Return Address.

NOTE: If you created labels under multiple Mail Profiles (Step 1) then you will need to create a SCAN Form for each Mail Profile. 

Then click the blue "Create SCAN Form" button and click "Download SCAN Form PDF" once Completed to print it out. 

Now simply take this to the post office or present it to your letter carrier with the letters and have them scan the bar code. 

NOTE: The SCAN form must be created the same day as the labels are Postmarked. If you created your letters in advance then you will need to wait until the date of mailing to create the SCAN Form. 

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