´╗┐If you are having problems printing a Certified Mail label we suggest clearing the temporary files and cookies stored in your web browser. Over long periods of use, files accumulate and need to be deleted and removed. Cleaning your web browser of temporary files and completed print files should be done regularly on your computer to keep it running fast and support free.

To learn how to clear your temporary files, in your specific web browser IE, Chrome, or Firefox follow the instructions provided by the web browser.

After you clear your temporary files, we suggest testing a label in the PREVIEW mode. You can send any label to your printer in Preview mode to test your printer. It should print without any issues.

If not, then we suggest restarting both your computer and printer in the following sequence.

  1. Clear the Temp settings in your web browser
  2. Turn off the printer
  3. Shutdown your computer for 3 minutes - Power off
  4. Turn on your Computer
  5. Turn on your Printer
  6. Test printing a label to see if this has resolved the problem

If this still has not solved the problems, then we would suggest getting advanced technical support from the Web browser forums:

Microsoft IE
Google Chrome

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