Follow the instructions below to import CSV data into an Excel Workbook.

  1. ´╗┐Open an Excel workbook and save it as .xls or .xlsx
  2. Click on the Data tab
  3. Click “From Text
  4. Find the CSV spreadsheet/data you want to import/open.
    NOTE:  Make sure you have NOT double-clicked to open the CSV file and clicked SAVE.  This will have saved corrupted data…ergo, the data you will be importing will already be corrupt. If you opened a CSV file by double clicking it after you downloaded it, it’s better to just download it again and not open it prior to importing it.
  5. Text Import Wizard should automatically open once you’ve chosen your file.
    Chose “Delimited”  à Click Next
    Check Comma à Click Next
    Select all columns (hold shift key, drag scroll bar to the far right and click last column)
  6. Choose Text  and Click Finish.
    NOTE: You almost always want to import data as Text.  Exceptions would be data columns like Dates.
  7. SAVE as xls or xlsx