If you'd like to filter the tracking data in your Summary Tracking Report by batch (meaning you did an Excel batch and you only want to pull tracking on those letters), then you'll first want to use our File layout. 

The ability to filter tracking data after the mailing will require you to prepare your spreadsheet using these guidelines before the mailing.

In the Summary Tracking Report, you can filter off Custom Field 1. When preparing your spreadsheet for creating your Excel Batch Labels, use some 'code' in Custom Field 1 for the batch. For example, you may want to use the term Batch1.  Make sure you populate that term/code for each record in your spreadsheet. If you do, then after the mailing in the tracking area, you'll just type Batch1, and it will filter all records which were created with that in Custom Field 1. 

You can still use other search terms; just separate search terms with a comma.

Certified Mail Labels | How to filter your batch in the Summary Tracking Report
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