Is having an electronic confirmation equal to getting the mail slip physically stamped at the Post Office for legality sake and it being accepted by the IRS and Department of Revenue?

A paper receipt can also be used with our system. If you desire to have a hard copy print out for proof of acceptance of your letter into the USPS mail stream, I would suggest printing the Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notification or 'SCAN' report from our system.  This report has a bar code that is to be electronically SCANNED by the USPS letter carrier, then dated and given back to you as a paper receipt of acceptance. The SCAN form also creates an electronic log with the date and time of when your letter was accepted by USPS into the mail stream.

To locate the SCAN form, click: Reports > SCAN Form (USPS Acceptance)

For proof of delivery, signatures are collected when each Certified Mail letter is delivered. In 2000 President Bill Clinton signed into law the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act Pub. L. No. 106-229 114 Stat. 464 also called the E-Sign Act which essentially validates electronic contracts in interstate and foreign commerce in use. We are not aware of any courts not accepting the Signatures provided by USPS. In fact even the IRS uses a Signature stamp to mark each letter they receive if you request proof of delivery.  They do not have an individual sign for each letter.

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