Certified Mail Labels Return Receipt Electronic
How does Return Receipt Electronic for USPS Certified Mail® work?

The process for delivering USPS Certified Mail using Return Receipt Electronic is the same regardless of the Post Office or letter carrier. For each Certified Mail letter, someone at the delivery address must sign a receipt when the letter is delivered. Instead of signing the green card return receipt, the person receiving the Certified Mail letter signs a receipt from the USPS carrier with the date, time, and their signature. They must also spell out their name for the Postal employee. Each record is collected by USPS and electronically stored with other proof of delivery confirmations, such as the ones used for USPS Express and Priority Mail. Then, the delivery confirmation, including the signature, is made into a shareable 'PDF' document. This is then sent to the sender to download, email, or store on their computer.

Customers like the Return Receipt Electronic PDF service, because unlike the old-fashioned green card, it saves paper, time, and money. USPS charges less for the PDF electronic record than for the old-fashioned green card. Click here to see current USPS postal rates. Return Receipt Electronic service is available from USPS for Certified Mail, Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery Service, and Priority Certified Mail. Use Return Receipt Electronic on online Certified Mail today with Certified Mail Labels.

How do I track my Certified Mail Letter Online?

To track your Certified Mail begin by accessing your Certified Mail Labels account. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to “Report,” “Summary Tracking Report.” Then, select the year

You can filter your search based on the search criteria fields or you may click the blue “Search” button to display all of your USPS Tracking information. Tracking information is updated throughout each day.

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