How Does US Postal Service Tracking for Certified Mail Work?

A Certified Mail letter provides the sender proof in two ways.  It provides proof the letter or package was mailed and the second proof deals with the delivery of the item.  Because Certified Mail is used for important notifications that many times deal with medical debt collection, warrants, property liens, credit information, and other legal matters it may be a requirement to have proof that the letter was mailed by Certified Mail and the US Postal Service tracking is the third party that provides proof of compliance.  


What about Tracking and Proof of Delivery?

The Postal Service will attempt to deliver the Certified Mail items two times and record the attempted date and time of delivery. If the item cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the sender with proof from USPS the item was undelivered or refused.  This process provides the sender proof of the attempted delivery with the tracking numbers and it is kept for ten years as proof of compliance for the sender.   
To track a letter you mailed through Certified Mail Labels:
Navigate to and click the Login-Sign up button at the top of the page. 

After you've logged in using your email and password, click on "Summary Tracking Report" listed under the "Reports" tab. 

Here you can filter your search based on the search criteria fields OR you can just click the blue Search button to bring up all of your USPS Tracking data.

Tracking scans are and Signature Reports are updated in your Certified Mail Labels account daily. However, you can always get the latest tracking by clicking the "Update & Create Report" button in the details of a specific record or by selecting multiple records and clicking the "Update & Create Report" button. 

IF YOU MAILED YOUR LETTER USING FORMS AT THE POST OFFICE you will need to type the Certified Mail article number on your receipt into the Track & Confirm tool on the USPS website.