To get started immediately, download the Getting Started Instructions.

1. Prerequisites -  What Supplies Do You Need: 

If you do not have our Certified Mail Envelopes with the GREEN pre-printed USPS Certified Mail banner you will need to print our label on a Color Printer. USPS requires each Certified Mail letter to contain the Green USPS Certified Mail marking on the outside of the envelope.  

  • A plain envelope
  • A glue stick or tape
  • Color laser printer

We have a special label that will print this on your local color printer. Then you must glue or tape it to the envelope (be careful not to tape the bar codes).

Envelope Type: PLAIN ENVELOPE #10 LETTER SIZE This is found on step 3 of Single Label

2. To Test our Color Label Output follow This Step:

On the red menu bar, click Address LetterSingle Label, then on Step 3 Envelope type: select from the dropdown PLAIN ENVELOPE #10 LETTER SIZE option. Then click PREVIEW, then PRINT THIS PREVIEW. You should see the Green USPS CERTIFIED MAIL marking with the test label in your preview.

Close the preview window (click on the X in the upper right corner).

If you are ready to print a REAL Label you will need to set-up your payment method. You can do this by clicking "Purchase & Print" on Step 3 and adding your credit card and charging through QuickPay OR if you prefer another payment method go to the red navigation bar: Management --> Payment /Add Money--> Add New Account to view your options.

3. How Much Money Should I Add To My Account?

This depends on how many letters and what class of Certified you are mailing:

Our USPS Certified Mail letters 1 oz. (up to 5 pages) with Electronic Delivery Confirmation cost $6.49 per letter (Unless you're paying with a credit card $6.64).

Our USPS Certified Mail letters 1 oz. (up to 5 pages) with Electronic Return Receipt Signature costs $9.64 per letter (Unless you're paying with a credit card $9.79).

Each additional ounce of First Class postage costs $0.28.

This may help you determine how much money to add to your account.  You can always add money and after your bank card is set-up it is fast and easy to recharge. 

Certified Mail Labels