How Do I Get Proof of Mailing?

You can do this two ways:  

1.  Proof of mailing is provided by a USPS Postal clerk when they accept your letters into the mail stream. The date and time scan can be provided in a paper report or can be viewed online from the Internet.  A round stamp with the date and time of acceptance is provided when you present your letters to a USPS Postal Clerk.  

2.  If you drop your letter into a mail box, the date and time of acceptance will be recorded when your letter is SCANNED as it travels through the first local Post Office.  

A PS-Form 5630 is also known as the Acceptance Notice and SCAN sheet. This paper form creates a master bar code that is scanned electronically by the letter carrier that activates all linked Certified Mail letters with the mail date and time scan. This date and time scan is created for each of your individual letters and serves as your proof of mail piece acceptance by the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

The paper SCAN form can also be round-stamped with the date and time by the Postal Clerk and the paper acceptance form returned as your receipt of acceptance. 

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