USPS Certified Mail provides the sender proof of mailing and proof of delivery. Because Certified Mail is used for compliance and regulatory requirements, being able to provide evidence or proof that a Certified Mail letter was sent is important. 

Let's review how to print Certified Mail Delivery Confirmation or Proof of Delivery:

1. Proof of Mailing USPS Certified Mail: When you create a Certified Mail Label online with electronic postmark - the date and time are recorded with the USPS Certified Mail article number and this information becomes 'active' in the USPS tracking system. After you drop your letter into a mail drop or give it to a USPS letter carrier or Postal clerk the date and time stamp is recorded each time your letter passes through the Post Office scanning and sorting facilities, including when it transfers in and out of each Post Office. This advanced tracking and reporting provides proof of mailing, acceptance and in-route delivery tracking through the final delivery scan. A copy of this information is stored inside your secure online account for 10 years. It can also be viewed online at for 90 days.

2. Proof of Delivery for USPS Certified Mail: When you pay USPS for Certified Mail, Proof of Delivery is also included. Most consumers think they must purchase the Return Receipt green card because prior to the electronic tracking, USPS had no other way to inform you the letter was delivered, unless they returned to you the old fashioned green cards. 

Today, USPS Certified Mail includes proof of delivery for each Certified Mail Label printed. This means the Return Receipt Signature that costs $2.62 is optional. Your Certified Mail Labels account will automatically display the DELIVERED stamp with the date and time stamp authored officially by the United States Postal Service as legal proof or evidence your Certified Mail item was delivered. This record is securely stored online for 10 years from the date of mailing.

As of May 31, 2015, USPS has discontinued Return Receipt After Mailing PS Form 3811-A. If you need to have the PDF report that displays the Signature, or in many cases today the company stamp showing who signed for the letter you must purchase the Return Receipt Signature service at the time of mailing for $2.62. USPS will no longer sell you the Signature after the letter has been delivered.

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