Certified Mail Labels | 10 X 13 Certified Mail Flat

You may use your own 10 x 13 Flat Size Envelope that you purchased at your local office store with our service. To create a label for this size envelope select the 9' x 12' Flat Size Envelope so the correct First Class postage rate is purchased for 'Flat Size' envelope, then affix the label to the outside of the envelope.

Certified Mail Labels allows you to print our Certified Mail Label with the required green banner on a plain sheet of paper. You will need to print this label onto a color printer so the green Certified Mail banner is included with the label. If you do not have a color printer, you may use the USPS green sticker that says Certified Mail (PS Form 3800).

How to Print The Certified Mail Green Banner:  USPS requires a green USPS Certified Mail banner to be visible on the top of the front and back of every piece of Certified Mail. To print the green banner onto your Certified Mail Label select the Envelope Type  option that says (prints green banner). Then print to your color printer.

If you don't have a color printer, choose the envelope type: "Certified Mail: Plain Envelope: 9" x 12"Flat Size."  
Then use USPS PS Form 3800-n the Certified Mail stickers to add to your flat or 10 X 13 envelope.  

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