What if I don’t want to use a credit card?

You can also fund your account by paying by cash. A paper check, ACH bank transfer, bank wire, and Intuit Pay Now link will earn you our cash discount that can save you $0.15 per label. 

How do I get a receipt when I add money?

A receipt will automatically be emailed to the main email on the account; this person is known as the Administrator and was the person who created the account initially. Sub-users can add money (if given rights by the administrator, but the receipt will always be sent to the administrative email address.

How do I know what has been deducted from my balance?

Click on “Mail Manifest” under Reports in the main navigation bar. You can choose the date/date range that you would like a report on and click Search. This will pull everything that you’ve mailed in that time. You can download the data (as a CSV) and import it into an Excel Workbook for analysis.  

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