QUESTION:  I keep checking the box to receive email notifications of deliveries or exceptions, but I have yet to receive a single email. Is this feature functional?

ANSWER:  This service is now functional. To receive email delivery confirmations, you must have your email listed in the Mailing Profile (return address). 

To view your full tracking detail, you must log into the website, click ReportsSummary Tracking Report. Simply click the blue Search button to pull up all records or filter your search using any of the available fields. Example:  Select 'Delivered' to see all the letters delivered.  You may also download the delivered records in an Excel file to conduct advanced reporting and analysis.

How does Return Receipt Electronic for USPS Certified Mail work?

The process of delivering a USPS Certified Mail using Return Receipt Electronic letter remains the same from the post office and letter carrier. For each Certified Mail letter, someone at the delivery address must sign a receipt when the letter is delivered. 

Now, let’s look at how this works. Instead of signing the green card return receipt, the person receiving the Certified Mail letter signs a receipt from USPS with the date, time, signature, and must spell out their name. Each record is collected by USPS and electronically stored with other proof of delivery confirmations like the ones used for USPS Express and Priority Mail. Each delivery confirmation including the signature is then made into a sharable 'PDF' document that can be stored on a computer, downloaded or even emailed for long term storage. 

Customers like the Return Receipt Electronic PDF service because unlike the old-fashioned green card, it saves paper, time and money. USPS charges $2.62 for the PDF electronic record vs $4.10 for the old-fashioned green card.

Return Receipt Electronic service is available from USPS for Certified Mail, Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery Service and Priority Certified Mail. 

You can begin using Return Receipt Electronic on Certified Mail online at

How do I track my Certified Mail Letter Online?

To track your Certified Mail in your Certified Mail Labels account first you must log in, and navigate to  Reports Summary Tracking Report OR USPS Live Tracking. Now you can filter your search based on the search criteria fields OR you can just click the blue Search button to display all of your USPS Tracking information.  

Tracking information is updated every hour.

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