After you log-in you can go to "reports" in the red navigation bar. Then click on "Summary Tracking Report" in the drop down menu. You can then search the various delivery stages of your mailing.

Most Popular Tracking And Reporting Use:

Search total delivered letters:  Log-in then select the drop-down labeled 'Delivered' and then click SEARCH.  This will report the total letters delivered.  At the bottom of the page you will see the total letters delivered.  The bottom page will display records per page, then total records.

Search for a certain record by First or Last Name:   Log into the system and enter the persons First and Last Name in the Addressed To: field then click SEARCH.

Search using Your Reference Information:   If you included a 'custom reference number' with your label, you can search this information by entering the information in the Key Search Words: field, then click the blue search button.

All data is updated by USPS throughout each day.  Return Receipt Electronic Signatures are returned to your account within 72 hours of delivery.