A SCAN sheet is used by USPS to consolidate acceptance of various letters into 1 bar code. It allows many pieces to be combined into a Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Report. The report is generated in real time by USPS and is dependent on traffic and connectivity at USPS. We have noticed late in the day when USPS servers were very busy that the report has failed or returned incomplete information. Our engineers have provided this information to USPS and continue working to improve connectivity and the process.

If you cannot get a good SCAN report, don't worry - this report is optional. All of your mailing label are automatically activated at 12:00 Midnight on the day you created them. You will get proof of mailing from your tracking reports that record the date and time when each letter passes through the Post Office sorting facility scanners. 

Tips for Successful SCAN Form Generation:

1.  SCAN sheets can only be generated on the day you generate the label,  and only one SCAN sheet can be generated at a time.

2.  You should only use the SCAN sheet 1 time each day.  If you are generating a SCAN sheet fore each letter you are using this report incorrectly.  One sheet may combine up to 250 items per location.

3.  Check the settings in your Mailing Profiles to make sure you are not using dashes in phone numbers. 

In summary:  This process communicates to the USPS servers in real time and during peak processing times the service may be unavailable. If your report does not generate properly, call our support line at 800-406-1792 and ask to have your SCAN report recovered. If USPS successfully returned the report to us, we will have a copy of it.  If you do not have a copy of the SCAN report, don't worry - this report is optional. We activate each mailing label at 12:00 Midnight on the day you created it and your letter will receive an acceptance SCAN when it passes through a Post Office sorting scanner.

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