Certified Mail Labels | Digital Mail Services Have Revolutionized the Postage IndustryThe mailing industry is changing more and more each day, and it's for the better.

In 2016, there were approximately 110,760 postal service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators. Thanks to some rapid innovations that have touched ground over the last few months, though these careers are still options, the entire mailing process can be expedited.

The digital print mailing technology changes have made it possible for individuals to print their own mailing labels online and handle the majority of their postage needs from the comfort of their own home or business. Mailing used to be one of the most inconvenient and time costly processes across the United States. Even if you tried to stay on top of your personal and professional mailroom needs, because of scheduling, deadlines, copy changes, printing and general logistics there were always issues.

Now, you can simply print your own mailing labels online, head to the nearest USPS drop box or Post Office, drop your mail and go on about your day.

Additionally, what made the mailing industry even more complicated and stressful was calculating all the correct prices, like package weight, size and shape requirements. If a seemingly simple mailing issue or mistake was made, whether it was done by the mail carrier or the sender, it could take a very long time to correct. Using Certified Mail Labels to process your data and administer online these problems can be detected and corrected prior to purchasing the mailing. If there is a problem with the address, for instance, you can access your account digitally and adjust all your mailing information in order to make sure it's accurate.

Lastly, these innovative posting changes have made tracking mail so much more effective. Back in the day, once you sent a mail item, you never really knew what happened to it or when it was delivered. With Electronic Delivery Confirmations the digital tracking and confirmation receipt report can report every single item as well as receive an immediate email Return Receipt Signature confirmation when the Certified Mail item is delivered.

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