Did you know that USPS handles 20.2 million letters and packages every hour?

Certified Mail Labels | Why Send Certified Mail Online? Five Great Benefits

With so much mail to handle, the USPS loses track of some of the letters and packages. Maybe a letter gets delivered to the wrong apartment.  An envelope gets lost in transit.  Someone steals a package from their neighbor's doorstep.

Whether you're a business owner or you just send a lot of mail, you want to know that your mail will make it to its final destination. But are you aware of how Certified Mail can help?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits when you send Certified Mail online.

What is Certified Mail?

Certified Mail is a service provided by USPS. It tracks information about the letter or package that includes when it was mailed, mail tracking details, and confirmation of delivery.

With Certified Mail, you get proof the item was mailed timely and evidence of the Certified Mail delivery. Plus, you get options that will help you maintain compliance reporting. That is always helpful when the IRS comes calling, or you are charged a late payment fee.  Having proof will save time and stop wasting money.

Most people use Certified Mail for compliance mail.

Creating Certified Mail Labels, on the other hand, is a product you can purchase online and print out at home or your office. Instead of going to the Post Office and filling out the old-fashioned green cards and paper forms, you can print your Certified Mail Label online.

When you use Certified Mail Labels, you can print your label with all the correct USPS Postage and fees and then attach the label to your own envelope. Or, you can choose to upload a PDF file, and your letter will be printed and mailed for you on the same business day.

There are many benefits to uploading a PDF electronic file. Here are five of them!

1. Enjoy Lower Postage Rates

When you send Certified Mail online, you'll save money on USPS postage. That's because postage rates online are much lower than going to the Post Office and purchasing at the counter.

Let's say you purchase a Certified Mail Label online. Sending a 1-oz letter with an old-fashioned Green Card costs $9.64, but when you purchase your label online, the cost drops to $6.49.

It's even better if you go the route of uploading a PDF file instead of printing out your letter, printing and mailing it yourself at the Post Office. You can save money on printing supplies, equipment maintenance, the time and energy of physically going to the Post Office, and the cost of your administrative staff, especially if you run a business that routinely sends out paper mail.

2. Save a Trip to the Post Office

Visiting the post office is a familiar experience to almost everyone, but hardly anyone enjoys it, especially during holidays.

After all, when you get in the car to visit the post office, you're spending money on gas. You're dealing with morning or afternoon traffic. You're struggling to remember your long list of errands.

Plus, you're losing precious time from your day.

When you send your letters through Certified Mail Labels online, you skip the trip to the post office. That means you avoid the wasted time, stress, and money that the trip requires.

3. Protect Yourself From COVID-19

We know that COVID-19 can live on surfaces.  If you or your loved ones are at risk from COVID, you want to avoid coming into contact with potentially hazardous surfaces.

We also know that, unfortunately, COVID can last a long time on certain types of surfaces. According to WebMD, COVID lasts longer on smooth surfaces, meaning that mail may pose a danger.

In the past year and a half, consumers have gotten more and more used to doing work remotely. Why not send mail remotely too, and protect yourself at the same time?

Additionally, if you have employees who are working from home because of COVID-19, they can send mail even more conveniently by uploading a PDF and sending it online through Certified Mail Labels.

Businesses that use less paper save money on printing and ink. You can start reducing paper usage today by using our electronic options.

4. Maintain Better Records

One of the benefits of sending Certified Mail is that your shipping data will be stored. This includes proof of mailing, delivery confirmation, and tracking information.

It also includes Electronic Delivery Confirmations and Return Receipt Signatures. When you're sending important mail, this information can be crucial.

Additionally, if you're running a business of any kind, you'll need to store records of what mail you sent and when you sent it. With Certified Mail Labels, that information is stored online for you automatically.

Plus, accessing your data via your free account is simple and easy.

5. Keep an Electronic Copy

When you send important letters in the mail, you might not have a copy for your records. Don't waste time copying or printing out additional documents! Just upload a PDF to Certified Mail Labels instead.

When you upload a PDF, we go through the trouble of printing and mailing your document. Meanwhile, we provide you with an electronic copy of the letter, including the USPS Certified Mail tracking, and securely store the information for ten years. A copy of your letter is available 24/7 for ten years.

Sending physical USPS mail over the internet is simple and easy, and it takes the hassle out of printing in your home or office and stamping and mailing each letter. Besides, everyone wants to keep better records. Certified Mail Labels has automated this process to save you time and money.

Send Certified Mail Online Today

If you need to send USPS Certified Mail, send it online at Certified Mail Labels.

There aren't many things more convenient than printing out a Certified Mail Label or uploading your PDF letter and letting Certified Mail Labels print and mail your letters for you.

The best part is that creating an account is free. Try out Certified Mail Labels and see how it transforms the way you send Certified Mail.
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