What Are the Best Small Business Shipping Tips?Running a business comes with many amazing and rewarding opportunities. Creating your own schedule and working from wherever you want are perks of the job. However, running a business isn’t an easy feat.  

Approximately 45% of businesses fail within the first five years. While this can occur for many reasons, poor customer satisfaction is often a major factor at play.

Ensuring your company's longevity means never falling short of your customers' expectations. This is especially true when shipping products.

Mailing products doesn't have to be complicated, but there are certain details you need to consider. Let's explore some of the most notable small business shipping tips you can take advantage of.

Stay Organized

It's crucial to stay organized as a small business owner. Even if your order volume isn't substantial, you should prioritize making shipments as soon as possible. How you organize your information is up to you.

Some people prefer to keep written lists of order details. Others use server-based documents they can access from multiple devices. Make a note of shipping issues you encounter. As time goes on, you can determine your shipping policy's weak points and make the necessary corrections.

Provide Tracking Info

It's customary to provide tracking information for your shipments. Forgetting to do so is a common mistake entrepreneurs make. To compete with major retailers and online ecommerce sites, tracking is a must. When a customer places an order, they expect to be informed throughout the entire production and shipment process.

If you don't include tracking information with the order, the buyer might assume something has gone wrong. This can lead to them canceling their order. You may also encounter an abundance of customer service inquiries.

When people frequently reach out to your business with shipping concerns, it delays how quickly you respond to other pressing issues. It's best to send automatic confirmation emails that include shipping info after someone makes a purchase.

Use the Right Shipping Software

As your company grows, so will its complexity. Instead of shipping a few orders per week, you might deal with hundreds or even thousands.

Using the right shipping software can provide valuable insight. For example, you'll have real-time visibility into shipping information.

This software can also improve your overall performance and inventory management. When looking for software to use, explore the developer's reputation.

Ensure they provide support via regular updates. You should also look at their security architecture.

Otherwise, you risk having your customers' information compromised. This can cause irreparable damage to your brand's reputation.

Print Labels at Home

You don't have to go to the Post Office to get shipping labels. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or a home-based business, consider printing your labels. For shipments needing an extra layer of protection, you can even print Certified Mail Labels from your home or office.

Create United States Postal Service (USPS) verified labels online with live postage from anywhere with Certified Mail Labels. Skipping the trip to the Post Office means more time to focus on your business, nurture leads, and grow your profit margin.

Learn how to save $2.65 on postage for each Certified Mail® green card receipt.

Use USPS Customer Support

Don't hesitate to reach out to USPS customer support if you encounter issues while shipping. They have the tools and resources necessary to help you with missing packages or delayed deliveries. Keep in mind that you may deal with delays depending on how busy the office is.

When you have a shipping problem, it’s best to handle it as soon as possible. Not only will this help keep your customers satisfied, but tackling issues quickly results in more suitable resolutions from the shipping service. To expedite the process, be as detailed as possible when contacting customer support.

Handle Lost Packages Quickly

Lost packages are sometimes part of the process. Although USPS takes care to minimize incidents like these, they can still occur. As a customer, dealing with a lost package is often inconvenient and frustrating.

People in this position want answers as soon as possible. They also want someone to take responsibility and provide a timely solution.

Dealing with a disgruntled customer can be unpleasant, but you should prioritize doing so. If someone reaches out with a complaint, do what you can to promptly resolve the situation in a professional manner.

Try your best to see where things went wrong and come up with a viable solution.

Customer complaints are another difficult part of running a small business. However, handling complaints is absolutely necessary. Even a brief response stating you've contacted USPS goes a long way with customer loyalty. The worst thing you can do is remain silent while you figure out the details.

Emphasize Speed

In the past, buyers didn't mind waiting over a week to receive their goods. However, since companies like Amazon fulfill orders so quickly, people have become accustomed to short wait times.

As a small business, it's unfeasible to compete with large corporate shipping models. However, with solid systems in place, you can likely improve your shipping speed. Keep in mind it will cost you extra money to offer faster shipping, but the return may be worth the consideration.

Evaluate this expense and adjust your prices accordingly. For instance, let's assume that it costs $15 for priority shipping on an item that you list for $30.

You could list the item for $40 and offer $5 priority shipping. Regardless of your shipping prices, ensure that priority shipping is available. If people have to wait longer than expected, they might turn to a competitor instead.

Modify Prices for Free Shipping

Free shipping is an enticing attribute for many buyers. In some cases, it even compels them to make a purchase they normally wouldn't.

An issue many business owners encounter is justifying free shipping. Some companies price their items low, making free shipping impractical.

Consider modifying your prices to facilitate free shipping. If you're worried about profit losses, implement this sparingly at first. Offer free shipping on a handful of low-cost items.

If you notice an uptick in sales, consider using a free shipping policy on other items. When handled correctly, free shipping can provide extra convenience without denting your revenue.

Leverage These Small Business Shipping Tips

Remember these small business shipping tips to keep your business running smoothly. They'll go a long way toward taking your brand to new heights and improving customer satisfaction.

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