Certified Mail® is a service from the U.S. Postal Service. The service provides the sender the recipient proof the delivery was made to the address provided.  USPS collects a signature of the mail recipient on a form as a evidence or proof the delivery was made to the specific address. When the address is not correct or the item is refused or cannot be delivered, the item is returned to the sender with a history of the delivery activity.  This process is excellent for important notifications requiring evidence of mailing or proof the proper notification was provided. 

Certified Mail Labels | Understanding the Benefits of Certified Mail

  1. Senders Return Address
  2. Proof of mailing including the postmark date and all postage fees were paid in full.
  3. The USPS Certified Mail article and tracking number.
  4. Recipient's delivery address
  5. Label Reference: This is information used to identify this mailing with a case or subject matter.
  6. Proof of Mailing or proof of acceptance of this item by the U.S. Postal Service. (Date and time).
  7. Proof of Delivery. USPS delivery scan with the date and time the item was delivered.

Everything from handling important financial statements to redeeming coupons (which 2.5 billion were redeemed in 2015) can be done with much more efficiency and accuracy than conventional mailing methods. Luckily, there are automated Certified Mail Services that can even expedite this process as well.

In the past, going to the Post Office to mail special forms of mail classes like Certified Mail was and is time-consuming and often complicated. An individual would have to take time off from work or out of the office to drive to the nearest Post Office, then wait in line in order to obtain a Certified Mail Form 3800. This form contained a white and green sticker that included a barcode, a perforated receipt, and all the information required for mailing accuracy and delivery confirmation.

Thanks to some online innovations within the mailing sector, certified mail labels, and digital postage stamps can be printed from your own home or office.  This significantly reduces the administrative costs of sending Certified Mail.

Another benefit of using certified mailing labels is the cost savings as long as you're taking advantage of electronic delivery confirmation. Without this digital confirmation, whether the package has been successfully delivered or not, you would have to pay the extra fee for both confirmations of delivery and any returns.

Certified Mail also offers compliance reporting benefits. Record retention for 10 years. All the evidence of mailing the information timely, including providing proof fees were paid in full, and proof of delivery are kept in your own secure portal for ten years. 

You should never struggle to send important mail or custom postage again. Now that certified mailing labels can be printed from your computer online 24/7 365 days a year.  You can send important packages and letters with ease while ensuring tracking and accurate notification upon delivery. If you want to learn more about how this innovative postage process works, contact Certified Mail Labels today.

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