The Benefits of Using Certified Mail Labels Online for Your Business | Woman in chair with laptopRunning a business is stressful work. When you find a solution that relieves some of that stress and gives you invaluable peace of mind, it's smart to explore it.

If your company regularly sends important, confidential, or legal mailings, an online Certified Mail program makes the process a cinch. Offering all the benefits of Certified Mail with the added convenience of at-home operation, this service can be a game-changer for the busy business owner.

Today, we're exploring how it works and sharing some of the top reasons why it's time to learn more today!

What Is Online Certified Mail?

In today's Digital Age, it seems, we complete almost every task virtually. If we're going to order groceries and shop for school supplies on our laptops, then an online mail service just makes sense.

Certified Mail Labels allows you to create, prepare, and ship your items via USPS Certified Mail -- without the time-consuming and frustrating trip to the Post Office!

You can print your label at your home or office, affix it to your mailing, and drop it in the mailbox. In addition to Certified Mail, other items you can print include:

  • Return Receipt Electronic labels
  • Express Mail labels
  • Priority Mail labels

Business Benefits to Consider

Your business can benefit from this type of remote postal service in many ways. Let's take a look at some of the top perks to expect.

Easier to Prepare Mailings

Studies show that more than 80% of small business owners work more than 40 hours per week. Does that sound like you?

If you're feeling pulled in every direction, you don't have time to prepare every piece of mail the old-fashioned way. Handwriting fields, searching for the right labels, and organizing address lists can be incredibly time-consuming. Then, there's the time it takes to drive to the Post Office, stand in line, and make sure you've done everything correctly.

With online Certified Mail, everything is automated for you. Once you enter the basic information, we'll create the label for you to print right from your desktop or mobile device! You don't have to go anywhere, which means you can get back to work faster.

Save on Postage Costs

It pays to invest in the right digital tools! Certified Mail Labels allows you to select electronic Return Receipts for your Certified Mail documents. This means you'll get proof that your designated recipient got your item, with a copy of their signature delivered straight to your inbox.

Traditionally, you'd have to purchase a hard-copy record of that signature. This is known as the traditional "green card" option, and the associated postage cost is higher.

According to the latest USPS rates, Certified Mail Labels saves users $3.15 on postage for each Certified Mail green card receipt. Business expenses add up quickly, so savings more than $3 are substantial. Especially for industries that send frequent compliance mailings. This can help you control your spending and optimize your business budget!

Get Real-Time Tracking

If you're sending an item via Certified Mail, that means you need to keep close tabs on where it is at all times. Businesses and individuals often use this service to send highly sensitive or confidential data from one location to another.

With online Certified Mail services, you'll always have visibility into the status of each piece. Certified Mail Labels updates USPS tracking in real-time, so you can hop online to see updates on your mailing! Then, you can share these updates with key stakeholders, including your clients and business partners.

You don't have to pace the office, wondering where the mail went, or worry about it winding up in the wrong hands. At each touchpoint, USPS workers will scan the barcode on your label, providing you with regular updates as it travels to its final destination. Then, you'll see the exact time and date of delivery!

Meet Compliance Requirements

Some companies, including those in the healthcare sector, must keep detailed records of all their mailings. This is especially true when sending confidential records, such as patient files. You need to know the exact date you sent the item, as well as where it went and who received it.

Online Certified Mail provides irrefutable proof of mailing, with critical documentation stored in your online account for 10 years- at no extra cost! If you simply drop a letter in the mail, you don't have any actual record that you sent it. Unless you take a picture of the postmark, you'll have to rely on your memory alone.

Even then, few regulatory bodies will accept a photo as proof of mailing. You need a tracking number, and that's exactly what you'll get with Certified Mail Labels.

Streamline Recordkeeping

Don't have the space or mental energy to organize stacks of physical mailing receipts? When you use online Certified Mail, your records are stored securely using bank-grade encryption. Easily access them as needed- any time, from anywhere.

You no longer have to save those small green cards for years to document your deliveries and maintain evidence of signatures. Now, everything is ready for you in just a few clicks!

Prevent Theft

While you'd like to trust that your mail is always in safe hands, the reality is that mail theft occurs consistently. However, you can deter would-be criminals by attaching a Certified Mail Label to your item.

This single addition sends a very clear message: Your item is being tracked at all times. Not only does this encourage USPS workers to be more careful with the item, but it can also discourage anyone from handling it unscrupulously.

Try Certified Mail Labels

As you can see, there are many reasons why so many business owners are making the switch to online mailing solutions with Certified Mail Labels!

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