Certified Mail is a US Postal Service that works with First-Class and Priority Mail delivery services but provides proof of mailing and proof of delivery. The service is available online and is innovative and convenient. By simply printing out your own custom postage, you can slap your labels on a Certified Mail letter, drop it in a mail drop box, and then track our item throughout the entire delivery process. You can even be notified when the letter you sent gets delivered.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that you should find helpful when dealing with print postage online services and Certified Mail: 

  • How long does a Certified Mail letter remain in delivery? -- Though the United States Postal Service doesn't guarantee an exact delivery date and time, you can expect your Certified postage to adhere to typical First-Class mail standards of between two and five business days.
  • Do I need to actually visit a Post Office? -- No! In 2017, there were 26,410 functioning Post Offices across the United States. Though these postage facilities are still important and serve essential functions, when dealing with print Certified Mail postage, you don't need to wait in those long lines at all. 
  • How can I track my Certified Mail? -- As long as you have a Certified Mail Labels account, you can track your mailing throughout the entire delivery process. Additionally, you can check your postage via the USPS tracking and confirmation website. Keep in mind, though, you need to have access to your tracking number in order to use this service. Your tracking number can be found on each Certified Mail label.
  • Can someone at a mailing office sign and accept for a Certified Mail item? -- Since it's only required for the named individual to sign for a Certified Mail package if the mailing item was sent via restricted Certified Mail. If it's just a Certified Mail letter or package, anyone at the mailing office can sign for it.

If you want to learn more about how to print postage online with no postage meters, monthly fees or contracts call Certified Mail Labels today. 
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