Print and Mail Solution vs. In-House ExpensesWhen you begin to compare the cost of a full-service solution for printing and mailing, versus the expenses it takes to do both in-house you can quickly see there really is no comparison at all.

It’s easy to see that Send Certified Mail’s full-service, print and mail solution is the most efficient and cost-effective option for any individual or business.

How We Figure

To begin, consider the expense of the printer. Whether the machine is purchased or rented, the cost is high. Then, add the maintenance cost, toner, reams of paper, envelopes, and other office supplies necessary for packing your letters.

Next, account for the staff time it takes to organize and print all the documents, pack the envelopes, drive to the Post Office, wait in line, purchase the postage, fill out the green card receipts, mail the materials, and then return to the office.

The opportunity cost alone is enough validation for a full-service solution. The email responses, contacts nurtured, and productivity one can accomplish in the time it takes to print and mail in-house weigh heavily on the bottom line.

For remote teams, the expense can multiply quickly if several team members are making trips to the Post Office. In addition to cost, consider the challenges of paper shortages and supply chain issues.

Costs to Consider

The average Office Administrator in the United States in 2023, makes $20.49 an hour. They spend hours each week organizing print jobs and outgoing mail.

Commercial printer machines for large offices can run up to $900 a month for rental and maintenance. On average, offices with 40 employees spend more than $3,000 a month on office supplies and material costs.

The standard mileage rate for business purposes is compensated at 65.5 cents per mile. Trips to the Post Office usually take a staff member at least 30 minutes when travel and service times are considered. The opportunity cost varies per industry. 

In-House Expense vs. Send Certified Mail Solution

Average In-House Cost to Print 1 Color Letter & Mail at Post Office
Office Administrator $20.49/Hour $20.49
Roundtrip Mileage - Post Office $0.65/Mile x 12 Miles $7.80
Color Printing $0.20/Page $0.20
Envelope $0.05 $0.05
1-ounce USPS Certified Mail® Letter with a Return Receipt (Old-Fashioned Green Card)   $8.53
  TOTAL $37.07
Send Certified Mail Full-Service Print & Mail 1 Color Letter
1-page letter with USPS Certified Mail with Electronic Delivery Confirmation   $7.23
  TOTAL $7.23

Total Value

Send Certified Mail is your full-service, online printing and mailing solution! Easily upload your PDF files from your computer or mobile device for same-business-day printing and mailing.

Our secure online compliance storage keeps copies of user documents, including proof of mailing, acceptance authored by the U.S. Postal Service, USPS tracking, Electronic Delivery Confirmation, and Return Receipt Signature for ten years at no additional cost.

Our online storage system, including copies of your PDFs, is a welcomed solution with more than 58% of professionals recently reporting that searching for misplaced files is the largest threat to staff productivity.

Send Certified Mail is the perfect solution for any individual or business and works well for stationary and remote teams alike. Learn more about the services we offer today!
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