Postage Meter Cost Analysis: How Much Will Small Businesses Pay?Does your small business send out a lot of mail? If so, you might be thinking about investing in a postage meter to make the process easier and more economical to complete.

With this machine, you can prevent overpaying for postage. It's also easier to process batch mailings in a shorter period of time. Yet, while these perks might sound advantageous to most organizations, it's important to understand how much that equipment is really costing you.

Today, we're sharing all the elements that go into your postage meter cost. We'll also share how Certified Mail Labels online service makes it easy to save big!

What Is a Postage Meter?

A postage meter is a type of machine that prints postage onto the surface of your envelope. It can also print the information onto a label that you'll attach to your packages. In the United States, you cannot buy one for personal or commercial use.

Rather, you have to lease or rent the meter from a designated company. To date, only four companies in the country are permitted to make and lease postage meters.

Once you lease your postage meter, you'll load the machine with pre-paid funds. Then, each time you use it, it will deduct a specific amount from your overall balance. Most companies allow you to replenish those funds via an online account.

How Does It Work?

To calculate your postage, the meter will first weigh your letter or parcel using a built-in scale. Then, it will measure the exact amount of postage you need, displaying different rates based on different USPS mailing and delivery options. Once you choose your service and pay the price, it will begin printing.

At first glance, these systems seem to offer many benefits, especially for small businesses on a budget. With a postage meter, you can:

  • Pay for just the postage you need
  • Avoid the Post Office
  • Keep track of your postage spending

What Does It Cost?

While it might seem that a postage meter can help you save on small business mail, it may not deliver the long-term savings that you expect.

Let's take a look at the different costs you can expect to incur with this machine.

Ongoing Lease

As mentioned, the USPS does not allow anyone to purchase a postage meter. This is to prevent mail fraud. Instead, you're required to rent or lease one from an authorized dealer.

Most dealers require companies to sign a one or two-year contract that includes a monthly rental fee. While prices can vary, most small businesses will pay between $20 and $50 per month to simply rent the meter. For some companies, that price can be $200 or higher.

Additional Features

The monthly rental rate only covers the basic price of the machine. Many businesses need services beyond standard postage, so they opt for additional tools.

As you might imagine, the more features you add, the higher your rate will be. Some of the available add-ons include:

  • Sealer (automatically moistens and seals the envelope closed)
  • Memory and shortcut keys to simplify common tasks
  • Touchscreen display
  • Keyboard
  • Conveyor tracks
  • Oversized exit trays

These different functions can benefit a company, but they also come with their own prices. This can drive up your monthly costs and cut into your mailing budget.

Licensing Fee

In addition to your monthly rental rate, you can also expect to pay a yearly fee to maintain your postage meter license. The standard fee is around $200.

Postage Cost

Of course, there's also the price of your postage! When calculating your business budget, it's important to keep track of these costs. If your team regularly mails expensive items you could be spending more on postage than you realize.

Office Supplies

Finally, it's important to add up the cost of your office supplies. These smaller consumables are easy to miss, but they can also add up. Some of the materials you'll need to use your postage meter correctly include:

  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Printer tape

If these costs become exorbitant, you may be able to reach out to your meter provider. Some will offer discounts on office supplies to businesses that use their equipment.

There is a Better Way

If you're thinking about setting up an in-office mail processing station to save on postage, why not use Certified Mail Labels instead? Users save $3.15 on postage for each Certified Mail® green card receipt they mail and they skip the trip to the Post Office saving time and energy.

Like a meter, our online platform allows you to calculate exactly how much postage you need and adjust it based on the USPS services you require (e.g. Certified Mail, Priority Mail). All while operating from the comfort of your home or office.

Certified Mail Labels requires:

  • No Special Equipment
  • No Special Software
  • No Green Cards
  • No Forms
  • No Stickers

Learn more with this easy, step-by-step guide.

Certified Mail Labels offers the same level of convenience that makes a meter such an attractive option. Yet, here's the best part -- You don't have to buy any equipment! Forget the monthly rental fee, annual licensing fee, and upcharges for additional features.

Easily address, print, and mail your letter using live USPS postage with just a few clicks. Registration is free and it's easy to get started.

Certified Mail Labels allows users to track the successful delivery and receipt of your business documents, sending an Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report™ directly to your email inbox. Our complimentary 10-year data archive organizes documents, reports, and key details in your online account, including:

  • Proof of Delivery
  • Return Receipt Signatures
  • Tracking Files

These are benefits that most postage meter suppliers cannot offer, at least not without an additional charge. When you trust us with your mailings, it's included in our standard service.

Save on Your Postage Meter Cost

As a small business, you know that every dollar matters. That's why you don't want to overspend on your corporate mailings. While the equipment can be beneficial, many companies fail to calculate the entire postage meter cost before investing.

Instead of tying your team down with monthly fees and hidden expenses, switch to Certified Mail Labels today! We make it easy to create the labels you need, when you need them, while saving you time and money. Register for an account now!
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