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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that over 900 U.S. deaths were caused by vehicles running red lights. An additional 116,000 injuries were a result of the same cause.

Furthermore, nearly 30% of fatal crashes in America in 2020, were caused by speed-related accidents. A percentage that accounts for over 11,000 deaths.

Thus, justifying the continued need for automated enforcement. Local and state authorities hold speeders and red light violators accountable through the use of speed and red-light cameras. Automated enforcement requires fewer resources, such as police officers and personnel while effectively enforcing traffic safety.

The use of automated enforcement does not completely stop violations from occurring. It does reduce red light running and speeding in areas where cameras are located.

To see a list of U.S. communities with red light cameras, click here.

Almost half of the states in America utilize automated enforcement. However, seven states have ruled that red light cameras violate the Constitution.

What We Know About Speeders and Red Light Runners

Nearly half of all accidents happen in an intersection. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration is an advocate of automated enforcement.

On average, drivers run a red light every 20 minutes. Additional data shows that young males are more likely to enter the intersection when the light is red. The chances increase if the driver is impaired or speeding. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speed-related accidents cost approximately $52 billion a year.

Research shows that motorists who speed are more often than not, younger drivers. Males tend to speed more often than females. The IIHS reports that 22% of male drivers were speeding when involved in fatal crashes, compared to 13% of female drivers. As drivers' age increases, their speed tends to decrease.

NHTSA reported that 32% of speeders involved in fatal crashes had no valid driver’s license. When compared to non-speeders, that statistic dropped by half.

Click here, to see each state's speed limits based on road type.

How Do Speed and Red Light Cameras Work? Certified Mail Labels | Navigating Speed, Red Light Cameras Tickets

Speed Cameras

There are several different ways to detect speed. The two most popular in respect to speed cameras are fixed or mobile. Fixed sensors are embedded in the road and detect speed as a car drives over a particular spot. Mobile sensors use lasers or radars to measure speed as a vehicle passes a stationary setup.

When a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit in a respective area, the footage is recorded and the license plate is captured.

Red Light Cameras

Intersections with red light cameras have censors and recording devices installed to detect and capture red light running. The censor detects movement when a vehicle crosses the stop line. This can happen when the traffic signal changes or after the light has turned red. The censors then trigger the camera to capture the movement and the license plate of the vehicle.

In both instances, whether speed or red light camera, law enforcement officers review the recorded footage. A traffic citation is issued if a vehicle enters an intersection after the light has turned red or is recorded speeding. The citation is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Tickets are sent to the vehicle owner via Certified Mail within 14 to 30 days from the occurrence. Included are instructions on how to pay or appeal the citation. While the cameras do provide proof of the violation, the nature of the situation can be considered through the appeal process.

Appeals are dependent on local jurisdiction. Notable appeals include stolen vehicles or moving for emergency vehicles.

Each state is responsible for determining the penalty associated with automated enforcement tickets. Depending on state laws, some citations are handled like parking tickets while others affect a motorist's driving record.

For a full list of states with automated enforcement and the associated fines, as of March 2023, click here.

How To Pay or Appeal An Automated Enforcement Citation

Certified Mail Labels | Navigating Speed, Red Light Camera TicketsThe citation will come with instructions on how to pay, appeal, or when to appear in court. If you decide not to pay or appeal the citation online, be sure to send any physical letters via Certified Mail.

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