Certified Mail Labels | How to Send Certified Mail OnlineThe United States Postal Service (USPS) processes approximately 421.4 million pieces of mail each day. Due to the high volume, it's no surprise that the process for sending parcels is a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, eCommerce shops still struggle to get reliable service when mailing shipments.

Luckily, Certified Mail Labels allows you to send Certified Mail® online and avoid the hassle of long lines at the Post Office. Not to mention- save you $2.75 on each certified letter sent. Read on to learn how this process works.

The Importance of Certified Mail

Certified Mail is a shipping method that lets the sender know that their package arrived at the destination. It comes with proof of mailing, tracking information, and a delivery confirmation once the parcel is delivered. This is because Certified Mail requires the recipient to sign for the package to prove that it was received.

Certified Mail is especially important for those mailing out legal documents. Any mail that includes personal or financial information is best sent through Certified Mail. You'll know that you're legally compliant, important documents are sent on time and you will be notified when they are delivered. USPS classifies Certified Mail as insurance and an extra service.

In addition to compliance mail, Certified Mail is also ideal for eCommerce shops. A whopping, 90% of Americans decide whether or not to buy from you based on your customer service experience. Poor customer service will result in 58% of customers moving to competitor businesses after a single bad experience.

Certified Mail ensures that packages get to their destinations on time. It provides both you and your buyers with tracking information for a smoother delivery. If a package is lost in the mail, you can track what happened and rectify any problems with the parcel.

Register for Certified Mail Labels

Post Offices make it challenging and time-consuming to send Certified Mail in person. Not to mention, expensive. You would need to go into your local Post Office, fill out green cards for each parcel, wait in long lines, purchase and print tracking labels, and send out your parcels with the window clerk. This is particularly challenging and inefficient for those sending out a high volume of mail.

The first step toward solving this problem is to create an account with Certified Mail Labels. It's free to set up and doesn't require you to sign any contracts or green cards. With Certified Mail Labels, there are no stickers, forms, or special software.

Easily create an account and begin sending USPS Certified Mail online. Just address, print, and mail. This means no standing in line, manually filling out green cards, or contending with labels in the Post Office. It's a quick and efficient solution that gets packages out faster.

Set Up a Payment Account

You will need to set up a payment method for your Certified Mail Labels account. This will fund the postage labels that you print to mail your parcels.

Create USPS Certified Mail® labels, Priority Mail labels, and Express Mail labels with USPS Postage and save $2.75 per Certified Mail® green card receipt.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You may also take advantage of our cash discount by funding with ACH, a bank wire, or QuickBooks Auto Payment.

Once you link your payment information, you’re ready to get started.

Print Your Certified Mail Labels

We offer both self-serve and full-service solutions. Create and mail your own labels or upload your letter and allow us to tackle the printing and mailing for you.

If opting for self-service, we offer both single and batch-label processing for your convenience. Certified Mail Labels does not require any special equipment or software. Just enter the necessary information:

  • Return Address
  • Recipient Address
  • Mail Options: USPS Delivery Service, Envelope Type, Envelope Weight

Get Packages Out ASAP

Once you print the label, all you need to do is affix it to your envelope and drop it in the mail. Pro Tip: Use our USPS-approved Certified Mail envelopes for easy packing. Try our envelope Start-Up Pack for just $6.99!.

If you run a business, you also may schedule a pick-up from a warehouse. This makes it even easier to get parcels out quickly.

Since you won't need to go through tedious shipping label processes, you can get your compliance mail out quickly. You'll be able to offer faster shipping to customers and clients.

Use Tracking Information Appropriately

Tracking information comes with every online Certified Mail label. The tracking report allows you to see where your letter is on its journey to the destination. This will help you accurately predict when the parcel will get to the recipient if they call to ask about its status.

You can also provide this tracking report to customers and other recipients.

Once the package is delivered, you'll get an Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report sent directly to your email. You can save this within your email account or print it out for your records.

For your convenience, you can access your account archive and reports 24/7/365 for 10 years at no additional cost. All tracking files and return receipt signatures will live in your account. You won't need to worry about whether the parcel was delivered and can use the stored information for better customer service later.

Send Certified Mail Online

Now that you know how to send Certified Mail online with Certified Mail Labels, it's time to get started. Our Customer Support Team is committed to helping you set up an account. We also offer training and ongoing support as you begin printing shipping labels online.

Check out our easy step-by-step instructions or get started saving time and money today! For specific questions or to learn more about our full-service solutions, contact our Florida based Customer Support Team.
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