Certified Mail Labels | How To Send A Letter Certified Mail SuccessfullyLooking for a mode of communication that offers a sense of importance, extra security, and, most of all, confirmation of delivery? Certified mail if your answer. The best thing about it is that it requires a signature, thus creating a legal paper trail in the process to show the other party you mean business.

Sending certified mail is an effective way of getting relevant documents, especially if it’s vital for you to receive proof they received the letter. This is a service that the United States Postal Service has been offering for the longest time, and a lot of businesses benefit from it.

Sending certified mail has gotten easier with time. It’s no longer necessary to spend hours queuing in the post office, filling multiple forms by hand. In this post, we will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to send a letter certified mail successfully.

The Use and Importance of Certified Mail

There are several other ways to send mail and still receive proof of delivery. So how about you understand what certified mail is about them make an informed decision. If you have been debating whether to use a letter certified mail, then this will help you decide.

Useful When You Need Proof of Postage

If you have important documents, such as tax filings that you need to deliver by a specific deadline, then certified mail is very effective. One of the most significant advantages is how easy it is to track the mail at every stage and gives you the peace of mind that it was received.

The USPS deals with millions of letters daily, and with such high numbers, there is always a possibility of misplacement. This, of course, may not be intentional, and it may be rare, but you cannot take such a risk when you have a deadline to meet. This makes certified mail a much better choice as you will be assured of delivery right on time.

To Ensure Your Mail Does Not End Up In the Junk Mail

Nowadays, most people only open the mail they are expecting, and everything else is considered junk mail. A certified mail will stand out, and the receiver will give it the top priority it deserves.

How to Send a Letter Certified Mail

There are two ways you can get this done. You can do it over the internet, or just go to the post office. Sending certified mail online is the most appealing option because it eliminates the need to free up too much of your time just to send and mail.

How to Send Certified Mail Online:

Sign Up for a Free Account

It’s essential that you first set up an account with a company that offers USPS certified mail delivery. There are numerous companies to choose from, but do some in-depth research to find a reputable service.

Set Up an Online Payment Method

Web services usually require payment upfront. However, you only pay for the services you need and don’t need to subscribe to anything. Most will allow you to use different payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover Cards, Checks, and sometimes even band wire transfers.

Decide Whether You Want Them to Mail It For You

You may find a mail service that offers an online PDF scanning and mailing option. This will involve scanning all the documents you need to send, uploading them to the account, and paying for the delivery fee. If not, you can print a label, purchase certified mail envelopes, and do it yourself.

Prepare the Letter

Create your letter as you would if you were sending it through the post office. If you already have a physical letter, you can simply scan it to digitize it. If you want the company to mail it for you, upload it to the website, then fill out all the necessary information.

The information required includes your mode of payment, the name, and address of the recipient, and a customized message if you deem it necessary. If available, choose the option of receiving a copy of the electronic receipt then ensure there are no mistakes on the form before you send it. At the end of the process, you’ll receive an email stating that your mail delivery was a success.

Track Your Mail

Once you are done sending the certified mail, the company will send you a tracking code. Use it to track your mail whenever you want, and once it reaches its final destination, the company will send you another confirmation email. Save all the emails you receive to avoid conflicts in the future.

How to Send a Letter Certified Mail Through the Post Office

Fill Out a Form

Head over to your local post office and ask for a certified mail form 3800. The form comes with a barcode on a green and white sticker, and it’ll allow you to track your mail. It also comes with a perforated receipt that will serve as proof that you sent the letter.

Once you are done filling out the contents of the form, remove the backing, then place the sticker at the top of the envelope you’ll use. It should go at the top edge, directly to the right of your return address. Ensure you leave enough room on that area of the envelope to apply the postage.

Pay for the Appropriate Mail Service

You need to pay for the postage for your specific type of mail and any other additional fees that may include the USPS certified mail fee and a Return receipt fee. You have the option of sending your letter as first-class or priority mail if you wish.

Priority mail offers a timely and expedited delivery that may take two to three days. First-class mail is only available for packages and envelopes that weigh 13 ounces or less.

Would You Like Restricted Delivery?

Restricted delivery ensures that only a specified person can receive and sign for the letter. If you would like that, ensure you tick the option on the form.

Choose Whether You Want Receipt Services

If you would like to receive the signed receipt, then specify in the form and pay for that as well. You have an option to receive it as a physical mail or an email with a PDF image of the signature.

Keep Records for Future Reference

Once you collect your receipt, keep it safe. The mailing date stamped on it also allows you to confirm your mail delivery online. You can view delivery on the postal service website to see when the mail was received and whether it reached the right person. The post office also keeps a record of the signature.

For An Important Letter Opt for Certified Mail

If the thought of going to the post office is overwhelming, but you still need high priority for your letter, opt to send certified mail online. Now you know the steps on how to send a letter certified mail, and the benefits it comes with. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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