Certified Mail Labels | How to Send a Certified Letter Online: A Easy-To-Follow GuideNot everyone has time to make a trip to the post office!

Read this easy-to-follow guide and learn how to send a certified letter via the web today!

Think post offices are dead? Think snail mail is a thing of the past?

Despite popular belief, post offices are still important and needed for certain tasks. Often, they are only used to send important parcels and documents when people can't trust the internet to send it.

They are also used when sending post office boxes, certain packages, certified letters, and for selling post stamps.

However, with email always evolving, we can now send certified letters online. This means we can send important proof documents in the comfort of our own homes.

Below, we'll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to send a certified letter through electronic means. Once you've mastered this, you'll have less time to spend going to and waiting in line in the post office and more time to spend tending to more pressing, personal matters.

1. Create a Free Account Online

Creating an account is the first step in sending a letter online. There are many online services that allow you to send a letter.

However, a lot of the ones found online need you to download extra software or tools to use them. There are also some websites that are scams. So, read what you're getting into first, and don't give out personal information.

Also, be careful of any websites that tell you to download suspicious links. These links tend to be viruses. You can often tell it is a virus when you hover your mouse over the link. The name that appears should be a dead giveaway.

Once you've found a reputable website, go and create your own account. This will allow you to avail of their services and make it easier for you to track your parcel.

2. Set Up a Payment Account

Online websites providing services like this need you to pay upfront. Don't worry though, the rates are no higher than how much you'd spend going to the post office in the first place.

Web businesses offering postal services also don't need you to pay them month after month too. They only need you to pay per service, meaning you only have to pay them when you're using their services. You can also see the price of what you are about to pay before any money goes through.

These web services often take any form of payment like Discover cards, MasterCard, Visa, as well as checks and invoices. They also tend to accept bank-wired money.

When paying through online means, you often need to verify your credit card and your account when paying above a certain threshold. They do this to help prevent insurance mishaps from happening.

Some websites have a payment system based on credits. You can often see on their landing page where you can buy some. The rates are also displayed there so you can see how much you have to spend on credit.

3. Make Your Letter

Prepare your letter as you would if you were going to mail it to a post office. Input all the necessary information and if you need to, print it.

If not, then save your document to your computer. With your mail going through the internet, be sure to proofread your letter. There is no going back once you've sent your mail.

4. Scan Your Letter

In the event that you have a physical copy of your letter already, you should run it through a scanner to digitalize it. This will allow you to send it as online certified mail.

Once you've had it scanned, you should see a copy of it on your computer. Save that copy to your computer's hard drive, and for an added measure of security, keep another copy of the letter saved inside another hard drive, flash drive, or memory stick.

Be sure to double-check the letter to see its content wasn't corrupted during the scan.

5. Upload Your Letter to Your Chosen Website

Uploading your document should be a simple task. Most web services offer a straightforward procedure in uploading. All you need to do is locate your file and your computer will do the rest.

There are other websites that have you go through some things before you can avail of their services. Some websites ask you to specify which kind of mailing service you'll avail. It is understandable given that they are a host of many mailing services as well, sending a certified letter online is only one of them.

Other services are more specific when it comes to the type of certified mail you'll send. Often, there are different options presented to you together with their differences and specified rates. Choose between them as the best option for your letter.

After uploading your document, fill out the necessary details so you can send the letter. Information like the name and address of the recipient, mode of payment, and sometimes, a customized message that appears above the package.

There should also be an option to receive a copy of an electronic receipt. You can opt for that if you wish to.

By the end, should get an email stating that your delivery was successful. Keep that as proof that you've done your part. This will help prevent future complications.

6. Track Your Letter

After you've chosen from the many options and paid for the website's services, a tracking code should have gotten to you by now. You can use this tracking code to keep track of where your letter is anytime you wish.

Once the letter reaches its destination, you will receive another email. This will be your proof of delivery. Keep that as well to avoid any conflict in the future.

7. Handling Mistakes

In the event of a misunderstanding, you should head to the website's contact page. You can send them an email stating your issues. Include the electronic receipt to prove you've availed of their services.

Remember to be calm and direct when emailing them. This will ensure you will get a better response rate from them.

Learn How to Send a Certified Letter Today

Certified mail online should pose no problem to you now that you know how to send a certified letter. Go and send yours today!

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